The courageous Ray

April 21, 2010
By , Aurora, IL
Over the past few days I have been searching for the man. I searched high and low and i found him low. He was under the table picking up Mr. Snuffles. His name is Cory...Cory Ray. He is an average young exciting adult. He likes making videos and rapping and also making money. He's a very interesting man I would say. You would probably say so too.
1.What got you to this point in your life and career do you think?
Cory: Jeez i wanted money, you know. I went on the computer and went to look for jobs for 14 year olds. I asked my mom if I can sign up for it and she said yes you can, so I went to get interviewed by the headmaster and i got taught by all the rules of soccer and uh I got the job that's it.
2.So how does everything play out for you during your job?
Cory: That's a great, beautiful and sexy question! I usually go and meat with the head and she tells me the routines and I practice them. I'm the line assistant ref that works on the sideline. After she signs my time card and i check for jewelry. I then go to the sidelines with my flag and start the game. Oh and I uh get to call off sides and out of bounds which is pretty nice.
3. Where do you define yourself as of this moment in this business world?
Cory: What kind of question is that? This is kind of a starting job for kids and me if you want to have a job at a young age so I really wouldn't be able to define myself as of right now. Though I may say I am probably am at the lowest entry level of this job I think.
4. Is this all you wanted to do in life?
Cory: Hah haha, no I don't want to be a low class line ref. I want to be a rapper with my rap group. I also always wanted to be a police officer...wait you should already know that. Uh you remember don't you? Yeah it was in gym and we dived out of that building and people stared at us like nothing was going on...BUT THERE WAS!
5. Are you satisfied with current lifestyle?
Cory: I'm doing okay. Uh I say that I am doing pretty swell for a kid with a job at a age this young. I mean what kids do you personally know that has a job? Not that many right...right.
6. What precautions did you take to make sure you got to where you are?
Cory: Well I didn't have a criminal records...does that count...wait I second that thought. I think I did have a criminal record...nah I'm just messing with you (ahahaha). But, I became more responsible, and i made sure i had transportation to the soccer fields. I think I also am uh..well yeah.
7. What do you love and enjoy about your job?
Cory: I enjoy the money...and the green paper going into my wallet. Oh and I enjoy hearing the parents complaint. Oh yeah! I really don't enjoy it I mean, I guess it's fun in a way. I'm not really sure to tell the truth.
8. Who do you see yourself as?
Cory: I see myself as the next eminem but better and more better looking, oh yeah.

And there you have it. Cory exposed on life and job dramas.

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