What is the future of CHS' Tennis Pride

March 28, 2010
By Anonymous

CHS senior Ryan S., an active member of the CHS tennis team in which he ranks first, is thinking about his future. Currently he is heavily involved in his school and community. He is the Lieutenant Governor for Key Club in our district and enjoys volunteer work and skiing. Do you think that’s enough to keep one high school senior busy? Well not enough for Ryan S. He also enjoys volunteering avidly at his church while juggling college applications and the everyday life of a teen. Ryan looks towards his Great Uncle Bill as an idol for his cool presence and effort towards volunteer work. Uncle Bill is always looking to reach out and help others in need. Ryan’s education is something he cherishes and he believes it to be necessity in any individual’s life. He also views his house as a comforting atmosphere and sees it as a shelter at times. Ryan takes pride in his family and enjoys and embraces their support for him. Before Ryan’s fiftieth birthday he hopes to try skydiving and thinks he will enjoy the adventure involved in it. In ten years he sees himself finishing up medical school and in the beginning years of his residency. He hopes to be working towards building a practice of his own. He admires in himself that he takes initiative and goes beyond the call of duty of service and volunteer work and will continue to live up to this throughout his life. Seems like a lot for a high school senior doesn’t it? Well not for Ryan S., he is prepared for his future and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead of him.

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