The Dream

March 23, 2010
By iGirl BRONZE, Kent, Washington
iGirl BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Sandra shoemaker is a 75 year old women battling cancer and still has the heart and soul to be in love with the Saxophone.

Sandra shoemaker was lying in her hand-crafted and very detailed bed one frosty and murky night in 1948, which was probably the most elegant piece of furniture in her whole house, which wasn’t really that big. She was thinking on how her father had gone to war, and all the stuff he loved to do with her like music, crafts and more. Sandra started to feel a tear down her cheek and then her eyes started to feel a little drowsy. She went finally got up the nerve to close her eyes in peace. The next day the sun was shining threw her window, and smoke was coming from the living room. Sandra’s mother just recently started smoking due to her husband’s ship off to the war. Suddenly, Sandra and her mother heard a knock on the door. Sandra ran over to the door as quickly as possible, hoping to see her father on the front door step. When she opened the door, she saw a tall police man who was standing on the door step with a piece of paper in his hand and a frown on his face. There was an aqward silence for a moment and then finally he said.
“May I speak to a parent/guardian little miss?”

Sandra knew it wasn’t really a question, it was an order. Sandra went to the kitchen where her mom was sitting their smoking a cigar, looking like she had no rest at all.
Sandra politely said “Mom there is a police man at the front door needing to talk to you.”

She took in a big gasp of air; Sandra saw a tear fall down her soft porcelain face. Sandra knew something was wrong, she heard her mother and the police men talking. Sandra finally heard a thump that hit the floor. Sandra quietly peaked around the corner and saw her mother their on the rickety ground and her face dropped in her hands.
“Mom!” Sandra cried

Wondering what the officer had said that made her so upset, she finally got the nerve to look up and she said trying to control her tears.

“Sandra, dear, please go up to your room. I will talk to you in a minute.”
Sandra was worried, really worried but she knew that her mother was in no mood to argue , so Sandra quickly hesitated and ran upstairs hoping to not look really confused. Hours went by and still Sandra was sitting up in her attic-like room. She was worried all these crazy things were going threw her mind like are we going to have to sell are house?
Sandra was really confused that night, she didn’t know what had happened, or what we going to do about it all. She knew was that it was something bad. Hours went by, still no sight of her mother until she heard a silent little knock on the door

Sandra was half asleep by then but Sandra needed to know what was going on
“Yeah come in.” Sandra said hesitantly

She walked in a slow walk, that made her looked depressed, and she finally made it to Sandra’s bed, sat down, and put her porcelain hand on the handle of the bed and suddenly started to cry. Sandra was wondering what the bed had to do with any of the madness that was going on.
“Mom what happened?”
Sandra finally said to break the tension Sandra’s mom looked at Sandra and her face looked like her eyes had been flooded for weeks and it was about to pour again. She answered in a small week kind of voice.
“Honey, your father…..”
She paused for a moment and looked at me and frowned but Sandra’s face stayed natural. Sandra’s mom finished her sentence
“Honey your father is…is dead.”

It suddenly hit Sandra it felt like a thousand pounds just landed on her shoulders, Sandra couldn’t speak she couldn’t do anything except cry she suddenly felt a tear roll down her face and then after that it felt like a waterfall just came out of Sandra’s eyes and wouldn’t stop the sadness hit Sandra hard it felt like someone just stuck a knife threw her heart. Sandra’s mom hugged her and then quietly stepped out of the room. Sandra stayed lying on her bed for hours, crying, and then finally she heard something out of her window. Sandra peeked out the window as a gust of wind pushed on Sandra’s face she finally got her eyes cleared from tears and had a chance to see what was making that wonderful noise that sounded oh so familiar . Sandra looked from one edge to the other no sign of that noise anywhere finally she realized it was the theater across the street and there was someone in there performing on the saxophone. Sandra’s dad loved music excpecially the saxophone.
Sandra loved the music and she loved the way her dad and she shared t he same love to it. She finally realized instead of sulking around how come I don’t just join the school band she thought to herself. Sandra finally found a way to connect with her father even if her father wasn’t there she finally had the hope to make her soul happy so she lay on her soft cushioned pillow and placidly closed her eyes in peace. When Sandra woke up that morning she felt as If she was on top of the world and she almost forgot that her father had died because it felt like he was right next to her. She went to school that day and everybody had heard about Sandra’s father and nobody understood why Sandra was so chipper then Sandra walked into the band room and asked the band teacher mrs.wangley
“Mam; May I please play the saxophone in your school band I am good and if you didn’t here yet my father past away and it’s my only connection anymore.
“Uhm well Sandra I am so sorry but the semester…..”
Sandra suddenly felt the water tears again and then she suddenly burst out
“But please, please, please, I will work with and do anything –“
But Mrs. Wangley interrupted
“Sandra dear you didn’t let me finish I said we started the semester but we have an opening at the theater across the street from you house you can come and perform there with us it will be an honor”
“Oh my goodness thank you thanks you!!”
That night she went home and started screaming and her mom couldn’t figure out what was wrong but Sandra simply replied “MOM, im going to perform in my dream theater I am going to play the saxophone im going to be like, like dad!”
A shock of terror struck threw her mother’s face but she calmed it down so that her face wouldn’t start to drown again.
“That’s great Hun. Sandra’s mother whispered “when is it?”
“Tomorrow!” Sandra replied
Sandra quickly vanished and ran upstairs to get her beauty sleep.
The next day Sandra was curling her hair when she heard a bus go to the theater she finished her curls and slapped on a dress and ran outside for big performance as she walked in with the rest of her classmates she was inspired by that place.
That night she performed under the shimmering night lights and the velvet curtains it was her hope , it was her dream it was her only connection to perform at the one and only memorable theater in kent Washington.

The author's comments:
my grandmother is ab inspiring person.
so i would want to know more about her before she is gone.

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