January 27, 2010
By , Shoreline, WA
I interviewed a man named “Kevin” because he didn’t feel comfortable giving me his real name, and I was ok with that. He told me he had come here from Mexico, but he had paused before he said it, so I couldn’t really tell if he had actually come from there or not. He said that he had a steady job in Mexico, but it wasn’t paying enough and he needed to start making more money.

When I asked about his family, he told me that he did have one, and he had two kids, but he didn’t tell me where they were. So I’m guessing that they were here. He told me that the police only came to talk to them on days that the stores were busy, like on Saturdays. He told me that he has considered going back to his country because he needs a more constant paycheck.

I noticed that he was wearing a lot of layers and had thick industrial gloves on, and he seems like he was better off then most of the other guys there. There were two other guys with him, and they seemed to be dressed in less clothing and they didn’t have as many shirts on. They looked much younger then Kevin, and I later found out that they were new top the Home depot job spot.

I didn’t realize how laid back the police were about them being there. I had always thought that the cops had wanted them gone and would harass them a lot. I did not really have an opinion about them being there I was just curious. I have a much better understanding of how the economy affects everyone, and i didn’t know that the economy had gotten so bad that people had considering going back top their country so that they could have a more steady paycheck even though it would be less money.

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