January 14, 2010
By nickszal BRONZE, Lisbon, Wisconsin
nickszal BRONZE, Lisbon, Wisconsin
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Brad is 46 years old, a former pro dart player, and a member of the best dart team in the world . Becoming a pro dart player was one of his major accomplishments. Being on the internet and in magazines gave him motivation to continue his success.

“Nothings going to stop me or get in my way,” Brad said once he knew he was good, and wanted to take the game to the next level.

When Brad was younger he didn’t enjoy playing any sport competitively. He picked darts up one day when he went out with some friends when they had a team and they had him sub for them. Then it started to become a routine going every Monday and Thursday.

To going to the bar to practice more, to buying a dartboard for the basement, to practice at home. Having superstitions such as stepping up to the line then backing up, then putting his foot up to the line again. Then it got serious… practicing two to four hours a night. Winning tournaments locally and out of state. Then headed to Vegas for the first major tournament.

“ Winning that tournament told me I was good and good enough to turn pro, but wanted to get better to take on the rest of the world,” Brad said.

Magazines started having Brad in their magazines with all of his winnings. But it was time to take on the world back in Vegas with his team. After two days of playing and making it to the championship match against France. One of the traditions of the French was exchanging their jerseys (polos) with the other team.

“I received one of their shirts and it smelled like b.o. (laughs) and I didn’t want to put it on… but I had to be respectful,” said Brad

They were playing cricket. It lasted to the third and final game where everyone was starting to break a sweat. Getting to the end Brad ended it with a double 15 and a bulls eye. The team received four, four foot trophy with a picture of the team on them, and a great amount of money.

“I never imagined becoming one of the best dart players in the world. All the time practicing with determination paid off. It will be something I never forget.”

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