The Boy Who Waited For Gold

January 12, 2010
By x0snowboard0x BRONZE, Setauket, New York
x0snowboard0x BRONZE, Setauket, New York
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Chris, current senior in High School, resides in New York. It was only four years ago, in his ninth grade year, that his family struck gold when his father, Ed, won a lucky ticket at the lottery. They are currently the third highest winning family on Long Island, at $34.5 million.

Where were you when you found out your dad won the lottery? How did you react?

I was upstairs in my room on my computer. My mom called me down and said something had happened. I got nervous and scared that it was something bad, but she showed me the computer screen saying our family had won the lottery. I sat down in disbelief and my mom called my brother to come home. Shortly after, my dad called and confirmed it. It took me a while to believe that something this incredible could happen to us.

How did you spend the money? Did you go on any trips?

We each got gifts and we took a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. I got a dell laptop and my brother got new paintball guns. When we went to Disney with my whole family, my parents renewed their vows.

Was it hard to have to move from your old life and home?

Yes. Having to change schools and friends was extremely difficult.

How did your life change during the next months following it?

Well, I literally moved to Disney for two months because of security reasons. People who weren’t friends with me all of a sudden were friendly. People who had been my friends all of a sudden weren’t and hated me. Envy is a very destructive tool.

Do you think you’ll ever hit again?

My dad does. I sort of do- it could happen, it could not. Who knows?

What is your favorite thing you received or most memorable experience since winning?

Meeting my girlfriend because if we hadn’t won, I never would’ve met her. There aren’t too many great things that happened from winning, but that was one of them.

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