Who's Lauren M?

January 11, 2010
By Jordan McEvoy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jordan McEvoy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Lauren M., an 18 year old senior, likes to take it easy. Several study halls a day and close friends make high school an enjoyable experience for her. Other than hanging out with friends, Lauren loves writing and hopes to pursue it in the future.

Although Laura doesn’t participate in any extra-curricular activities or in-school organizations, she has three best friends, two of whom she has known since Kindergarten, who make school worthwhile. Last year, during spring break, she went to California with her friends. The craziest part of her trip was her excursion to Venice Beach. On this particular beach, there was a wide variety of peculiar people who attempted everything from selling Lauren and her friends illegal substances and Bob Marley paraphernalia to giving them a psychic reading.

In addition to going on adventures with friends, Lauren loves writing. In the future, she hopes become a journalist. Her current journalism class and teacher, Mrs. Holloway, have inspired her to pursue this career path. The schools she has applied to are UWM, Oshkosh, White Water, and O Claire.
An interesting experience from her childhood includes a bike ride massacre. The summer before first grade while riding with her sister, Lauren fell off her bike and blacked out. This resulted in a horribly scratched face. Her favorite memory of high school is from the bomb threat that took place about two years ago. The odds worked out in her favor when the threat occurred precisely when she was in her detested math class. The rest of the school day was spent chatting with friends and laughing about the awesomeness of the situation.
Lastly, there are some things that Lauren doesn’t like. For instance, she doesn’t like working at her current job at Applebee’s. Also, she doesn’t like the fact that her school doesn’t have an open campus. In fact, Lauren says that if given the choice before she met any of her friends, she wouldn’t have wanted to go to her current high school.

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