Interview With Nathan S.

January 11, 2010
By JennaP GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
JennaP GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Nathan S., a 17 year old high school senior, enjoys playing music with his band, snowboarding and spending time with his family.

Nathan does vocals for his band Amygdala Hijack with friends Chad, Charlie, Tyler, and Aaron. All the practicing at Nathan’s dad’s house pays off with gigs in Milwaukee.

He also likes snowboarding on his free time.

Once on a trip to New Zealand, Nathan had a near death experience. Nathan went with his dad and sister Hannah to go snowboarding, and because his sister did study abroad out there too; although, the weather wasn’t in their favor.
“You could only see ten feet in front of you. You couldn’t even see you hand in front of you at some points!” says Nathan about the wind and snow.
This was due to the extremely fast winds that were blowing the snow around. They put this behind them and went snowboarding anyways since they had come this far already. They had a blast despite the weather and hadn’t realized that they were inches away from dying.

A couple days later the winds slowed down and they went back to the hill where they had been going the past couple of days. This time they could see where they actually were snowboarding. They saw that at the sides of the run it wasn’t trees or anything for that matter. The side just dropped off like a cliff. His sister realized she was literally inches away from falling off the run completely.
Now Nathan and his family reminisce about their exciting adventure that nearly killed them in New Zealand.

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