Shoes Off for Key Club

January 11, 2010
Got a closet full of shoes no one uses? Give them to Key Club. Key Club is working through the organization Soles4Souls to give shoes to those without shoes.
Soles4Souls is an organization that gives shoes to those in need. Soles4Souls was started by Wayne Elsey, who got the idea when he saw a single shoe wash up on a beach after the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004. He and a group of friends got together and sent over a quarter million shoes to the people of Southeast Asia. After Hurricane Katrina, the same group of people sent a million pairs of shoes to the victims. A year later, Soles4Souls was formed.
This is the first year Key Club has worked with the foundation. Collecting about 100 pairs of gently used shoes so far, they are far from their goal of 500 pairs. The shoes they collect will be sent to the children of Iowa in need of shoes.
Junior Ali , who is the head of Key Club, had this to say:”It’s really important to get involved and easy to get involved. Our culture sees shoes as fashion statements. The shoe in other countries is not a piece of clothing, but something for safety and hygiene. If every person in Key Club donated one pair of shoes, we would have over 600 shoes”
The shoes do not have to be brand new. Any gently used or unwanted shoes can be donated. Just tie them together and drop them off at the designated bins. Hurry! The drive ends on October 13.
For more information about Soles4Souls, visit their website at

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