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Jenna V.

January 11, 2010
By Kyle101 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kyle101 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The direct decedent of Romulus and Remus , Jenna, 18, has been a hero and upstanding citizen since her early kindergarten years. Born in the very same hospital as the great Lebron James, Jenna is a connoisseur at everything that is right in this world.

Like a little Gandhi, Jenna prevented an all out recess Gettysburg—which she has visted – in kindergarten.
It all started when two fifth grade, apparently Christian boys, were warring back and forth about whose family was more dedicated to church going. Noticing the obvious feud, Jenna took it upon herself to intervene. She stepped up without hesitation, and demanded the boys stop.
Extremely engrossed in their heated brawl, the boys completely ignored Jenna’s peacemaking plead. Jenna says “I was only trying to put that day’s bible lesson of loving thy neighbor into action.” Their ignorance of Jenna’s recently learned bible law further inspired Jenna to take a stand and soon she shouted “Stop,” atop her lungs.
With this demand, the boys refocused their fury and now Jenna was the subject. Suddenly the black top became a wrestling mat, and the boys were a tag team. “I saw their plaid ties billow in the wind like a bad mafia movie and then I knew it was lights out.” One boy pushed her so that she began to lose her equilibrium and directly after the first assault, Jenna was met with a near fatal punch to the stomach.
Still beseeching for peace, Jenna fell to the ground in an almost slow motion fashion, much like a hard hit in a NFL game. However, according to Jenna, “Had this been an NFL game, I would have been the center of ESPN for the next three weeks.”
Hitting the ground face first, Jenna’s impact was somewhat softened by her two front teeth. Her left front tooth skipped across the asphalt like a stone across a pond, while her right absorbed the impact as jutted into her gum.
Blood now running down her chin, much like Rocky Balboa, Jenna got back up peace burning in her eyes. “Will you stop now?” she pleaded, and with that the boys were escorted off the playground. Soon after, the battle torn Jenna was accompanied to the health room.
Here, all she can recollect is the blood being whipped from her chin and a Jesus heals poster on the wall. Jenna says “It was like Jesus was telling that my two front teeth were not lost in vain. In the end, Jenna became a tranquility inspiring legend about her catholic school.

Today, Jenna wants to get involved with politics and why not with such Gandhi like traits guiding her. She also hopes to attended UW Madison, where she plans to further inspire peace.

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