Interview with Alex Shaffer

January 11, 2010
By EmmaReynolds SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
EmmaReynolds SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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For Alex, high school has been “an accepting place with lots of people and good classes”. But as a senior, he’s certainly ready to move on to bigger and better things the world has to offer.

“I’m considering a career in English at University of Milwaukee next year. I’d like to do something involving literature or teaching,” Alex said. He enjoys reading, something that may not show in a first impression. Despite this, he has other activities that he enjoys.

While he appreciates various genres of music, metal, rock and rap are his preferences. Rob Zombie and Band of Horses are a few of his favorite bands. Alex doesn’t play any instruments, but he loves listening to music while driving to school. If he isn’t listening to music, the radio is tuned to the latest sports updates on his favorite teams, such as the Packers and the Brewers.

He doesn’t participate in many sports or clubs the school has to offer, but he keeps his time open to focus on the things he enjoys. With the stress of applying to colleges, Alex balances his time well and is sure of what he wants in life. He could see himself going to UWM, then spend time teaching and living on his own in the city.

“The 60’s is my favorite era because it’s the first time people started thinking freely. It makes up most of how we live now,” Alex said. He describes himself as “fun, friendly and easy to get along with”. His opinions on life seem to reflect the type of person he’s become.

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