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Ivar's Teeter-Totter

January 8, 2010
By Dani Caliendo SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Dani Caliendo SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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24-year-old Ivar, a senior at the University of Whitewater, Was working at his fraternity’s annual food drive on Parent’s day.

“We had gotten done with the food drive early and still had time before Parent’s day. So, a couple of us guys went over to a friend’s house and finished a rack of beer then headed to the PIKE house.”

At the PIKE house, the fraternity house where most of the boys in the fraternity live, the boys were able to enjoy food, basketball, and good conversation while the parents were there. As exciting as the situation was, Ivar and his friend Brenton, a fraternity brother, grew bored and searched for another activity to keep them entertained.

They decided to play on their teeter-totter and successfully attempted to balance it. However, in order to balance it, Ivar needed to stand on the very edge while Brenton, who is twice Ivar’s size, stood near the middle.

Brenton decided to move to the edge without warning Ivar. Brenton landed hard, catapulting Ivar into the air.

“He shot me straight up into the air 15-20 feet and all I remember is seeing the top of our house, then crashing down on the pavement.”

When Ivar landed, he was knocked unconscious for a minute or two. He awoke dizzy and coughing up blood and realized he landed inches away from a nail that could have punctured his skull.

Ivar did not go to the hospital, but has been restored to health after resting the remainder of the day.

“Moral of the story; don’t play on a teeter-totter while drunk.”

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