January 6, 2010
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Tell me about one of your worst habits.
I would have to say smoking is one of my worst habits, especially if it kills me one day
What would be your first question to the people of Antarctica?
Do you consider yourself an Antarctican?
If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go? Why?
I would go to July 1967 and buy a cheap Shelby GT 500
If you were stranded in the desert what would be your first thought?
Were are all of the cacti?
If you could speak with your dog what do you think it would say back to you?
Why do you smack me when I use the floor as a bathroom?
During your childhood what was your favorite comic book character? Why?
Superman, he reminded me of me.
If you won the lottery what would be your first thought?
Yes, now I can go get a ’67 Shelby GT 500
What would you like to ask from god?
No comment
Do you think that the next world war will happen in your lifetime?
Yes, and I do believe that it will be a nuclear war.
What concerns do you have?
That I wont have any jobs/ houses to work on since times are tough.
How did you get involved in your profession?
I always liked construction that is why I became a carpenter and I like animals so I am also a taxidermist.
What other issues do you see with the world around you?
Too much competing between countries they should all be aware that everything is different.
What kind of challenges do you face physically or mentally?
Just Sherman’s disease and the discs in my back are almost completely gone the only thing holding me up is my back muscles.
What would you rather prefer working outside or in an office? Why?
I would rather work outside because I love the outdoors.
How long do you think global warming will last for?
I think global warming will last until the world ends.
What goes through your mind when you see someone staring at you from a distance?
What the heck, that’s messed up.
How often do you run into old friends from school? Describe your last encounter.
All the time. The last old friend I ran into was Ronny, it was awkward because the last time we saw each other we got into a fight.
Why do you think the elections for presidents and senators are on different years?
The government is messed up and it will always be messed up.
If you lived in the past would you have voted for Abe Lincoln? Why?
Yes he was against slavery plus he was the first republican president and I am republican.
Describe the weirdest place you have ever finished a sudoku?
I have never finished one, why would I waste my time on something like that.

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