Skate Your Boredom Away

January 6, 2010
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There are people in the world that become role models for others. Tony Hawk performing on the X games became Joe C.’s inspiration. When Joe was little he came upon the X games and loved it.
“Stuff was so awesome I had to go out and buy a skateboard,” he says.

But he didn’t just stop there. He even made a ramp out of a block of wood and another piece of wood leaned up against it. I thought this wouldn’t work because you see all those shows with people getting hurt, but this wasn’t Joe’s case.

“Used it every day and had Cody come over and play with it too. Built three ramps,” he says.
Cody is his best friend who he got into skateboarding. They would play with the skateboards every day. They wore skateboards down so much, they even broke a few.

“Went through two or three from Wal-mart, those wreck fast for the better skaters, and one from a skate shop.” He says.

He hasn’t gotten to many injuries throughout his life skateboarding. He has only broken is arm twice. In the same spot.

“Dude took my cast off two weeks early and said give it a month, then do whatever. I listened.” He says.

He did listen. He waited a month and then fell on a kick flip, and it broke again. After he broke his arm the second time, he toned down the hardcore skateboarding. He would have liked to do competitions, but he didn’t want to hurt his arm all over again. So now, for Joe, skateboarding is his hobby.

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