An Interview with a Valentine

January 4, 2010
By HederaHelix BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
HederaHelix BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Six-foot three inches of 17 year old Nicholas L., sat patiently with anticipation, although I am certain he knew the question I was about to ask him.
Answering with a nervous stammer, my boyfriend said, “I remember telling Tyler a girl actually talked to me.”
Tyler is his best friend of seven years. He laughed squirming in his seat, now drenched in his own perspiration. His eyes beamed with excitement throughout the duration of the interview, although it was pursued by natural anxiety.
It was September 1, 2008 when I first spoke to Nick.
“I didn’t know what to say,” he said recounting our first conversation, “It was the first time a girl noticed me, I think,” We both giggled at his reply.
An introvert, Nick typically refrains from initiating conversation, especially with females.
“I just got used to going unnoticed most of the time,” he said.
I explained how I fell in love the moment I first saw him in our English class.
Blushing he said, “That is so sweet,” his expression drastically altered, “but I honestly can’t say I felt the same.”
Of course, I understood. He sympathetically seized the hand I held a pencil with.
“I am so sorry…” his voice faded with humiliation. I assured him his initial reactions did not offend me.

“I don’t feel that way now, of course…” he said.
He justified his response, explaining his hesitation was due to his inexperience with relationships. I knew that was true, considering the earnestness of his tone.
“It was a big mistake not acting on my feelings for you later on in the year,” he said after a brief pause. “I pictured us together, but I was afraid I’d mess up the only friendship I ever had with a girl.”
He told me he was ashamed he had not the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend.
“You were taking a big risk, and I admire that you would do that for me,” he said referencing the night I confessed my affection for him, “I just regret that wasn’t me.” It has been ten and a half months since he accepted me as his significant other.
“It was the best decision I ever made, Brianna.” His palms no longer perspired. “I hope we can stay just like this,” he said, “Always.”

The author's comments:
As the arctic air of January breathes fresh memories, experiences, and life into the new year, it likewise reminds me of a special time twelve months ago when romance was born. However, nights bathed in moonlit frost, shimmering with the excitement of love, arrive once in a lifetime. I am blessed to admit I have seen the beauty of a night like that.

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