Life of a student Athlete

December 16, 2009
By tyree goins BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
tyree goins BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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G: I notice that you are a hardworking student athlete.
Drish: Yes, I play three sports and have four courses in high school.
G: What school do you attend?
Drish: I am a senior at Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio.
G: …and the three sports you play are?
Drish: I play varsity basketball, football, and baseball.
G: And which sports do you like the best out of the three.
Drish: I have the most interest in baseball.
G …and why is that?
Drish: I choose baseball because the league is lacking in African Americans, and colleges are looking for black athletes. Also, it happens to be the highest paid sport.
G: How long have you been playing baseball?
Drish: I’ve been playing baseball since I was in the eighth grade, and every year on.
G: What inspired you to like this sport at a young age?
Drish: I joined a summer baseball league in Richmond, and I had fun the first year, and continued doing it for the next two years. I hit the nest level when I played in the Euclid baseball league. After one year I went to the Cleveland baseball Federation for four years.
G: So, in college, is that the sport your are most likely to play?
Drish: Yes, but I really like basketball. Football is also fun but I don’t have the strength for that sport.
G: Back to high school, what sport is in progress now?
Drish: The basketball season starts December 5, 2009. I’m not sure if I’m going to participate fully, because the money needed for my senior year. I have to work more than usual.
G: So you’re employed, along with the three high school sports?
Drish: Yes.
G: Is that hard to maintain?
Drish: Sort of the most difficult part is resting. I have a hard time getting rest, but if I do I forget something I may have to do.
G: What are you going to do about basketball this year?
Drish: I used to work one day a week, and the weekends, so I made little money. Now I work two days out of the week and weekends, and my coach thinks that’s too much, and I miss a lot. The less time I’m at practice the less time I get to play in the game. I don’t want to lose my job so I pick it over my sport.
G: So what are you going to do about baseball?
Drish: I’m going to work the same hours but it gets harder everyday.
G: What’s motivating you to keep going?
Drish: I have many motivations my mom, dad, lost family, and my best friends Brandon and Tiana. They keep me going and when I think about stopping I think of them and I get back up. My younger brother also plays baseball, and we are competitors, so we strive to do better than one another. We help improve each others skills. Without sports I don’t know what I would do.
G: Well, nice talking to you and I hope you continue playing all your sports and they all end strong, and play off for you in the future. And good luck with playing baseball on the next level.
Drish: Thank You.

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