interview with A.R

August 24, 2009
By Anonymous

In 1969 there was a band called “The Monocles”. Young boys from high school would play together with their instruments and people would listen to them play. Then one day, the monocles landed a record deal and made some records. Later on, the band started to break up, do to school and jobs. But one of the members called A.R, still wants to help other people in show business. And I got the chance to talk with him because this someone who has a hard life and inspires me.

“So, what was your band called?” I asked A.R

“We decided to call it ‘The Monocles’” A.R told me.

“Why did you call it that?”

“Oh you know, we were teenagers, we just thought it sounded like a cool name”


“What kind of instruments did you play?”

“Oh I played the bass and the drums”

“ Did you ever sing in any of the songs?”

“ Yes, I was sometimes the background vocals, but I got to sing a bit more in our biggest hit ‘Debbie’”

“So how big in music were you guys?”

“We were a very small group, but we sang at places, and went on tour, so yeah we were okay”

“Why did you guys break up?”
“Well, most of us were going to go to different schools and had different futures planned out so I guess we just couldn’t do it anymore”

“Why exactly did you stop?”

“My wife had gotten into an accident, it was pretty bad so I just had to be home with her”

“After that, what kind of job did you get?’

“ Since I was definitely not going to be in show business again, I wanted to help other kids become someone in music”

“So who did you teach?”

“I worked with ‘Disney kids’ so I taught kids who are big stars today like Marykate and Ashley Olsen and those other girls Aly and AJ”


“Yeah, I even still keep in touch with MaryKate”

“That is so cool!”

“ Yeah, but that job kept me away from my wife since I was gone all the time so I had to get a smaller job, so and that‘s how I got the job as the custodian at your school”

“ But at least you’re closer to your wife”

“Yeah, I mean I still have that club for you guys and I can still teach kids the world of music.

“ And you do a great job I mean remember when you brought that singer ’Butterscotch’ to our school, that was great”

“I try my best”

“So what kind of advice would you give young viewers who are interested in becoming someone in music?”

“Well, just never give up and keep trying cause that’s what winners like to do”

“thank you so much for your time AR”

So AR is happy now, sure he doesn’t have fame anymore, but at least he’s lucky to be with his family and to support them. Plus, he gets to spend everyday of the week teaching us kids the world…of music!

The author's comments:
This is for my hardworking acting and music teacher A.R.D.

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