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Interview with Tyra Banks

August 23, 2009
By ProdigalDaughter SILVER, Winona, Minnesota
ProdigalDaughter SILVER, Winona, Minnesota
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Interview with Tyra Banks--

Tyra Banks is a woman of many talents. She can sing. She can dance. She can act. She can model. But perhaps her greatest and most practiced talent is her ability to turn any conversation to one that is about her. Don’t believe me? Read the following interview, and watch as Tyra’s ego grows larger than Kristie Alley.

SS: Thank you for joining us Tyra! How does it feel to be in Winona?

Tyra: Thank you for having me- Tyra Banks- to Winona. It feels great to be here. Really, I’m just excited to start being an educator- instead of normally just being a singer, dancer, actor, and model.

SS: I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “educator.” Do you mean to say you’re excited to be at this interview so you can teach more people about the real Tyra?

Tyra: Well no. That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows about me- Tyra banks. I’m just excited to start teaching these poor Winona kids how to read.

SS: I’m afraid I don’t understand.

Tyra: I feel so sorry for your lack of knowledge on your own town. Well, as you know, 90% of children in Winona cannot read. I want to change that.

SS: And where exactly did you get those statistics?

Tyra: Well when I got off my Tyracopter, I saw a group of about twenty kids at a park. So I asked them- How many of you have read my book “Tyra the Tyrant and other Characteristics of Tyra,” and saw that only a few of them raised their hand. Obviously if they have not read my book, they cannot read.

SS: That’s quite a large acqusation. So you believe if kids haven’t read your book, they cannot read?

Tyra: Did I start my modeling career when I was only 12 years old?

SS: Er...What?

Tyra: The answer is both questions.

SS: So you said you have a book out. What’s it like?

Tyra: My book is scarier than King, more romantic than Steele, and much greater than Faulkner. For gosh sake, it is me- Tyra Banks- writing the book.

SS: It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity sell more copies of a book than an actual writer with actual merit. . . You don’t see that much.

Tyra: Well it is me- Ty-

SS: Yes. YES. I get it. It’s you, Tyra Banks writing the book.

Tyra: Did you know I missed my high school prom for a photoshoot? That was a tough time for me.

SS: . . .You don’t have to turn the conversation. It’s already about you.

Tyra: What’s greater than one conversation about Tyra though? The answer is two. Two conversations about Tyra.

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