Interview with Just Kait

July 29, 2009
By Alexes Spencer BRONZE, Omaha, Texas
Alexes Spencer BRONZE, Omaha, Texas
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Like a modern-day Joan Jett, Kaitlyn DiBenedetto aka Just Kait has a musical catalog that is spunky and in your face. Her songs reflect the very best (worst?) in teenage angst, and have a sound that combines the old-school with the new. It's really no wonder though considering Kait's influences.

"I like Paramore. They were a huge influence to me. Blink-182. I grew up on Good Charlotte. Sum 41. Bands like that." Kate says. "I love Joan Jett, and I love the way she brought the female demographic up in the music industry and in rock-n-roll."

In true Joan Jett punk-rock style, Just Kait does both guitar and vocals on her songs, but she takes things a little bit further than that.

"I play guitar, bass, and drums," Kait says. "My dad was really into music. He played drums. I basically picked up on them pretty quickly since he was playing. Shortly after learning drums, I figured it would be cool to learn different instruments, so I sat in my room, and pretty much taught myself how to play guitar and bass."

As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, it's no surprise that Kait is starting to turn some heads. Her music recently found a home on both MTV and E!

"I just couldn't believe it, because I watch MTV and the E! Channel all the time, and I see bands that I love. They're all on those channels," Kait says. "Knowing that my song's on there, and...some of those bands that probably watch MTV that I love could possibly be hearing it...It's just insane, because this is always what I wanted to do. It's like the perfect opportunity to get myself out there.

And Kait is definitely getting herself out there and developing a following.

"I think everybody should definitely follow their dreams, because I never thought that in a million years, I could be doing this, and I'm doing it, so don't let anybody tell you that you can't."

Check out Just Kait's very own brand of girl-driven punk rock.

Best Tracks: Start From The End, Break

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