Rick Cooke-Technical Coordinator

May 13, 2009
By Alex Kral BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Alex Kral BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Rick Cooke, Technical Coordinator of Amphenol Fiber Optics, has made various programs for businesses around America. These programs have greatly improved the efficiency of the work that these businesses do. Since the creation of these programs work has gotten done quicker and refined the way business has been done.

What is your job title and what do you do?

My job title is Technical Coordinator and I design and manage all the technical information for all aspects of my company’s products and how the information is stored, accessed analyzed. This requires an understanding of all the products we make and what information each department needs in order to effectively sell our products. The information is organized into functioning databases that I design and maintain which allows employees to access the information and use it to simplify their daily activities.

Are you a superior to any of your other co-workers?

Yes, I directly supervise departmental users to make sure they are inputting information correctly and are allowed efficiently access the information they require.

Why did you choose this job?

I chose this job because it utilized some of my strongest qualities. Organization, computer programming and understanding technology. It’s fun to use skill that I enjoy practicing and rewarding to see the results of my work used to make everyone’s job easier.

What major differences did you notice between the various companies you’ve worked at?

Some companies are very structured in the way they operate. This is particularly true of larger organizations. Where as, other companies are less structured. They tend to seek out skills that are beneficial to the organization regardless of job title or description.

What was your biggest accomplishment at your job so far?

Designing and managing the database that is used by the nation-wide sales division, which tracks quotes, opportunities and orders. The database is not only used as a sales tool but is also used by management teams to assess progress and determine where changes can be implemented.

How does your work affect the economy today?

At their foundation, the programs I write are designed to save time for everyone. This allows people to quickly take care of tasks that would otherwise be manual and time consuming. Thus, it gives everyone more time to focus on the other aspects of their jobs. Which makes for a stronger company and allows our business to grow adding both revenue and additional employees.

How has the recent economy affected your work?

Luckily, we have only been slightly affected by the economic downturn. This is because our core business is still in high demand and is used in every type of business.

How do your programs help the company?

They are designed to centralize information, which saves everyone time and effort.

What do your co-workers use your programs for?

There are many functions my programs perform. This includes generating quotes, tracking opportunities, measuring sales, managing inventory, coordinating returns, tracking departmental quality and improvements and consolidating and organizing technical product information just to name a few.

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