Mr.Kaverimanian the computer engineer

May 11, 2009
By Arjun Kaverimanian BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Arjun Kaverimanian BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Mr. Kaverimanian has been a computer engineer for almost ten years. He is a hard working man who works with others in order to create products that most of use in our everyday lives, computer software. Today I have discussed with him the different aspects of his job and the kind of work he does.

How would you describe the work you do in your job?

I work as a team lead in a software project; I am a computer engineer. My duties include managing a team of five individuals in creating computer software, providing technological training to co-workers, creating project documents as needed for the software project, interfacing with other application teams to resolve issues with the software, coordinating with the software testing team, and troubleshooting defects as they come in the making of the new software.

Around how much is your salary?

I make a base salary of around $80,000 plus a yearly bonus that goes in the range of between 5% and 8% of my base salary.

What are the hardest aspects of your job?

I’d have to say the most difficult part of my job is keeping my knowledge up to date on the newest technological advancements and updates. Technological changes happen so often that it is quite hard to keep up with them and learn about all of them quickly. Also, in a software project such as the one that I am developing, because of the various other application interfaces, it is difficult to troubleshoot potential problems with the new computer software as they come up.

What kind of experience do you need to get this job?

You would need five to seven years of software development experience plus two years of team lead experience with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Also, knowledge in all relevant technologies pertaining to the software is needed. For example, in my work, knowledge of “Java” computer language plus software framework knowledge on subjects such as “Spring” framework and “Hibernate Object Relationship Mapping Tools” are essential in order to be able to develop the software.

When and how long in terms of hours do you work?

In my job, I work 45 ours each and every week. I work every weekday from around 7:00a.m to 4:30p.m. Every year I am allowed to take eighteen vacation days plus twelve national holidays off from work.

What are the favorite aspects of your job?

For one thing, I like getting up to date on new technological advancements in computer software. Another aspect of my job that I very much like is that rather than working alone, I get to work with others in my job. I also like mentoring others and helping them out when they get to a point in the project where they cannot very well understand the concepts.

What other kinds of skill sets do you need in your positions that do not concern education?

For one thing, you need people skills. You need to be able to communicate with others very often. Also, you would need to have leadership skills. You need to be able to successfully manage a team of people, helping them and listening to their problems, concerns, and ideas.

What aspects of your job do you dislike the most?

One aspect of my job that I dislike very much is attending unproductive meetings that do not have any direct relevance to the goal of completing the project. Also, I do not like the limited access to face to face meeting with other application teams.

What kind of benefits come with you work?

Fist of all, I get medical and dental insurance for me and my family. Second, I can take part in the company 401k savings plan. Thirdly, I am allowed to participate in the company pension plan. Fourthly, I am provided with life insurance. Fifthly and last of all I am provided with short and long term disability insurance.

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