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May 11, 2009
By Bruce Marshall BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Bruce Marshall BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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My mother, Bonnie Jean Ansburg, is part owner of Ansburg co., a CPA firm in Naperville. She was given most of the ownership of the company by her father, who ran it before her. She is very successful and now that tax season is over she can give us this interview.
What do you like most about your job?

I like dealing with all the people I get to see on a daily basis. And the opportunity to help them save money. I also like working with others in my office. We have a fantastic staff and we try to have a lot of fun while we are working.
What do you dislike about your job?
I dislike tax season because I have to work so many hours. I don’t get to see my family much during this time. It is also hard when the client does not get the outcome they expect, and you have to break the bad news to him.
How often do you get in arguments with the IRS?
Actual arguments? Maybe once a month. I usually win.
How stressful is tax season?
Very stressful, high stress. There’s always a lot more work than I can get done in a single day, and it feels like it’s never going to end.
What education do you need to do this job?
You need a college degree and pass the CPA test exam. you must have 40 hours of continuing education every year.
What hobbies did you have before this one?
I was a waitress, administrative assistant, bookkeeper (accountant) and audit coordinator for AT&t
What drove you to take this job?
I grew up as the daughter of a CPA. And I decided after college I like the small business atmosphere. Because I was always good with numbers and felt I could help small companies with their finances. I worked in large corporations for a while, and found that I wanted to work for my father in a small business. The small business allowed me to be more flexible. And allowed me to make decisions about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.
What exactly do you do for your job? I prepare income tax returns for individuals, business, and trusts. I also prepare financial statements for business clients and advise them on various business issues and tax issues. I also prepare audits for a number of not for profit organizations.
How often does the IRs contact you?
I am in contact with the IRS almost every day. My clients may have issues or may have been selected for audit. I contact the IRS to clear up the issues and schedule the audits. The auditor then comes to my office and together we go through all the documentation in hopes of having a good audit outcome.
What part does your father have in the business now that you own it?
My father is still an integral part of the business. He has cut back on his hours, but still works every day. And we help each other out and enjoy working together.
What do you see as the future of your job?
I think my field of accounting will continue to be a necessary service to the many individuals and businesses in the area. Taxes continue to become more and more complicated every year, I believe people will continue to need a good accountant well into the future.

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