Michelle Warren, Hair Stylist Assistant

May 11, 2009
By cheyenne williams BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
cheyenne williams BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Michelle warren is a 17 year old girl trying to be able to afford her own car. In result to her wanting a car of her own she has inquired a small job as a hair stylist’s assistant. Although she got this job for the main reason of affording a car, with the other financial responsibilities she has and the not-so-great pay the job has, this goal has not yet been reached. I chose to interview her to get a sense of how she really feels about her job.

What is the main reason as to why you have this job?

The main reason why I have this job is to get money for my car fund and the chance to get my hair done for free. I also like the type of environment that the salon has and it fits my personality great.

If you had a guaranteed job in this position for the next 10 years, would you take the opportunity? Or would you find another job? Explain.

No I wouldn’t work here for the next 10 years because this industry isn’t want I want for the rest of my life (or the next 10 years of my life) and it’s just not the career path I want to go down.

What are the best benefits of your job? What are the worst aspects of it?

Getting free services and family discounts are the best perks of my job. As for the stuff I don’t like, it would probably be cleaning the shop after everyone leaves. I don’t mind the washing and preparing, but I just really hate to clean up other peoples’ hair.

What would you say a person needs in order to be successful at your job?

Patience, knowledge of the current hair care products that are out there, good networking, and just great social skills all around. A person would also have to be willing and able to adjust themselves to how the client wants them to be and do what the client wants them to do.

How did you hear about this job opportunity?

I was referred by my mom when her friend’s daughter quit the position. I was also asked by my current boss how I’d like to do it because we knew each other from church.

As a teenager in today’s economy, do you think you’re lucky to have this job? Why or why not?

I think I’m lucky because for one it’s a job, no matter what kind and a lot of people can’t find one. Secondly, my job isn’t very stressful or too hard to be honest, and the benefits are pretty good; especially in today’s horrible economy.

With this job are you able to fulfill all of your financial responsibilities?

Definitely not! This is because most of my expenses are from school and come up on a real short notice. This hurts my ability to pay them because I might have already spent most of my money on other stuff. Another aspect of my job that hurts my financial capabilities is that I don’t have a set amount that I get paid. It depends on how many clients I serve during the week.

Are you overall happy with your job? Why or why not?

Yes I am very happy with the job that I have. I’m extremely grateful to even be able to have a job and like I said before, it’s not a very hard job at all. It’s definitely better than a lot of the other jobs I’ve had in the past and the jobs that I hear some of my friends have.

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