Angela Vollrath, Teaching Assistant

May 10, 2009
By Lauren Vollrath BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Lauren Vollrath BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Angela Vollrath, Teaching Assistant

What is your job?
I am a special needs teaching assistant.

What type of education did you need for this occupation?
Para-proffesional certification. I went to school for 2 months.

Can you give me a description up your job?
My job is to support and assist to supported education students, along with regular education students that may need help in a particular subject. Depending on the child, I could be giving visual aids to help them understand reading, math, social studies, ect., or I could be filling out a behaivor chart. During standardized testing, I may have to read the entire test to a child, and or write and fill out bubbles for a child. Depending on the childs handicap, I could even have to write out the childs classwork for them, while they dictate it to me. I could also escort the children to the bathroom and assist them in handwashing, escort a child to lunch and help open food containers, escort them to recess and physical education, to make sure that child is safe and does not wander off. I have had to contact the office and nurse via radio when a child is having a ceisure. I comfort the child in time of the ceisure. I also comfort children during fire, tornado, and code red drills. It may also be necessary to make sure the child is appropriately dressed, depending on the weather. I always make sure that assignment notebooks are filled out and that homework, school supplies and books are in a child's backpack. I am in constant contact with the supported ed. teacher, and it is my job to follow through with a child's I.E.P. (individual education plan) and to notify the supported ed. teacher with any concerns or goals that have been met.

What are some pros of your job?
It's very rewarding. I'm helping children learn and succeed academically, it's very gratifying when students come back to me a year or two after they leave the school, and thank me for the help I
gave them when they were in elementary school. I am also learning new techniques that can help
my own children academically. My schedule is such that I can be home when my own children are home. I am off and paid in the summer as well.

What are the cons of your job?
Sometimes teaching assistants are treated differently in the working environment, because they don't always have a degree. Children learn differently and you have to be able to use different
techniques quickly, to adjust to the child. Some children have behaivor issues, and it is very
difficult to see them struggle emotionally.

Would you reccomend your job to young people?
Yes I would, because it gives you a different perspective on handicapped people. I think that it would be a great field for someone who is contemplating getting into education. You really get a taste of what it's like to be in the educational arena, and helping children. Also if you like children, it's a great job, since you are surrounded by them all day.

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