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Here are the most recent heroes articles:

How I Met My Mother
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I have been blessed to have an abundance of inspiration in my life from people who strive to be the best forms of themselves every day. It is my belief that these people deserve all the credit for everything I am and have accomplished. However,... (more »)
Reel or Real
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We all love heroes that come in movies but they are reel , real life heroes  are heroes who risk  their lives to save lives of others . In India on 26th January every year are nation honour these heroes and I felt really glad to have interview... (more »)
Jesse Owens
By , Baltimore, MD
“The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself – the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us – that’s where it’s at.” This quote from Jesse Owens truly... (more »)
Cesario Estrada Chavez
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When people are inspired, they make significant choices. After ten years of having to move all around the state to help his parents in the fields, Cesario Estrada Chavez knew he would dedicate his life to change the working conditions for... (more »)
Unappreciated Influence
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“Are you even listening?” With my headphones on my ears, I tried to catch parts of what my mom was saying as she slowly pressed down on the breaks at a red light. “You need to get your grades up... All your... (more »)
Remembering Memorial Day (2014)
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Do you know how important May 26th is this year? No, Miley Cyrus isn’t releasing a new song. No, One Republic isn’t touring near us. And no, Rick Riordan isn’t having a book signing here. It’s Memorial Day. We remember and celebrate... (more »)
The Real You
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I don’t know who she is. Maybe I never got to know the real her. Who are you? Who are you? Do I even know you? As I think it over and over, it get’s worse. Everything is so messed up that I cannot quite make out what is true and... (more »)
Christina Grimmie: Gone Too Soon
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In this day and age, heroes don’t wear capes and fly around, rescuing innocent civilians from the malicious, lethal acts of a villain. Today, heroes work their way up to a certain degree of fame, inspiring individuals, or helping them... (more »)
Shining in the Woods
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Under the veil of secrecy in the forests of western Belarus there once was a camp, but this camp wasn't just an average tent and bonfire, it was a safe haven that would revolutionize and redefine what it means to persevere and never... (more »)
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My sister isn’t what you would call perfect. Tall, slim, and brown skin is what you can describe her as. Okay, okay, maybe funny as well. But I can say she is a role model. My sister is someone I can run to for any problem that I may... (more »)
My Hero
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A hero is a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. To me, a hero is someone who is selfless in their life, giving to others before themselves. Risking their own life for others. Someone... (more »)
Military Wannabees
By , Granbury, TX
I really hate those people who like to say that one branch is better than all the others when they have never been in the military or  don’t have direct family in the military. It’s like me saying that Russia is better than... (more »)
What Is a Hero?
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In this modern age, we often toss around the word hero, without any real meaning behind it. If you turn on the television there are thousands of stories claiming millions of people to be heroes, but what exactly does it mean? The google... (more »)
Ulysses S. Grant
By , Humboldt, TN
On April 27, 1822, Ulysses S. Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio (Simon). He was the the son of Jessie Root Grant and Hannah Simpson ("The White House"). When he was only one year old, his family moved to Georgetown, Ohio... (more »)
Gino Strada: My Real Life Hero
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To me, a real life hero is someone like Gino Strada. Gino Strada is a surgeon who had helped many civilians and soldiers around the world. He has traveled to over thirteen dangerous countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cambodia, Sierra... (more »)
Nikola Tesla: An Electrifying Article
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What would you do without electricity? You definitely wouldn't use you're smartphone, or watch TV. Before Nikola Tesla invented AC power there was only DC(direct current power). Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of all... (more »)
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