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Gringo and His Drug Cartel
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The Ordinary World          It all happened so fast. One minute I was wondering the streets of Mexico, minding my own business, and the next I am sprawling on the floor in severe pain, clenching my... (more »)
Who really is your hero?
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Who is my hero? I have been asked this simple, yet difficult, question many times in my life. In the subject line of an essay contest, in a getting-to-know-you question, or in an English assignment. And I’ve never been able to answer this... (more »)
Napoleon of the Stump
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"From Nashville came a dark horse riding up- He was James K. Polk, Napoleon of the Stump". The eleventh President of the United States, Mr. James K. Polk was the epitome of a hard worker and the embodiment of modesty. In just four short years,... (more »)
The Girl Who Changed Me
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I had always thought about the problems faced by the girls all around the world. But till that day I had never thought about what I could do in order to wipe the tears of women. That day … for the first time in my life… I... (more »)
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The Curveball. I wondered what I was going to do on this early release before the game tonight. Well first I got to go home and get something to eat and grab my stuff then I should be good to go. “Yo josh can I have a ride home quick bro!”... (more »)
Standing Up For What Is Right
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As I’m standing here, with my sign held high, the crowd of people is overpowering. So many, just like me, standing up for what we believe is right. I hear the echoes of chanting. I can almost feel the disorder and chaos in the air. Standing... (more »)
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  Logan woke up. He tried to move but at the time his body wasn’t responding. He glanced around, seeing rubble and the ruins of what his house was like. On the ground next to him was a couple pairs of torn up shirts. One was... (more »)
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She looks upward quickly, pen in her mouth and brow furrowed in concentration. After a brief pause, she gazes downward again, scrawling phrases and arrows in blue ink over the white sheets. Her pen dances across the pages, unapologetically... (more »)
1968 Black Salute
1968 Black Salute During the 1968 summer Olympic Games the most remembered part is surprisingly not a sporting event but the medal ceremony for the track athletes. After finishing with the gold, Tommie Smith, and bronze winner John Carlos... (more »)
ludwig van beethoven
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Four-hundred and sixty-four.  That is the number of compositions Beethoven wrote in his life span. He is one of the most well known composers of the music history.  Ludwig Van Beethoven lived a short but meaningful life full of accomplishments... (more »)
Last Goodbye
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Last Goodbye          I stand outside and look around at my family and the beautiful Minnesota farms that surround the church cemetery. My grandpa holds a wooden box filled with ashes and sets it in a freshly dug hole that my family and... (more »)
You Saved My Life
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All those late nights when I thought it was over, I knew we could talk. You're my savior; always allowing me to just be me. I could say what I needed to, and feel how I wanted to feel. I could talk about the trauma and the pain, it wasn't a... (more »)
Compassionate Community: The City that Saved...
Compassionate Community: The City that Saved Thousands Martin Luther King Jr. passionately voiced his view on silence in the face of evil when he claimed, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic,... (more »)
A Thank You Letter This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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          To My English Teacher,       Thank you.      I don’t imagine you comprehend what that means. I’ll go into detail.      Thank you for influencing me to write.      Thank you for compelling me to work... (more »)
Rosa Parks
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Rosa Parks was an African American woman who had been affected my racism and segregation her entire life. She became a well know civil rights activist. She is most known for her refusal to move to the back of the bus. This happened December 1,... (more »)
My Mini Me
By , Sun Prairie, WI
My Saturday mornings in the summer are spent sitting in a lawn chair, dozing off every few minutes, only to be woken up minutes later by a piercing whistle. Every hour I get up to walk down the hill to watch my sister swim then return to my... (more »)
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