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The Past, the Present, and the Photo This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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As I unpack the last of my boxes in my new home in Colombia, I come across a dusty photo. It is blurry, brittle and stained, but the subject of the photo is clear: a young girl in an autumn dress, wearing a smile so big it’s contagious. Her tiny... (more »)
Whitney Houston My Hero
“Decided long ago never to walk in someone's shadow:if I fail or if I succeed at least I did as I believe.” Whitney Houston. She did exactly that pushing her voice and not walking in her relatives shadow. She went off on a path of her own... (more »)
Am I really a hero?
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It was the day of the highschool homecoming game. I was staying with my grandmother, while my mom, sister, and grandfather went to the game. That day my grandmother wasn't feeling well, so she went and took a nap. When it was time to... (more »)
More Than an Ordinary Family Man
Who is Vic really? To me he is Godad, a loving and caring grandfather who I look up to. He has shaped me into the person I am today. He did this with generosity, goodwill and love. To my sister he is “a role model, another parent, and a best... (more »)
Importance of Balence
People she knows say that she seems “Happy and content with her life” she knows how to maintain that family/work balance. And being able to teach others the value of that, is part of Lisa’s, my Mom’s, legacy. She once got a promotion from... (more »)
Work Hard Play Hard
By , Durham, NC
What does hard work, and focus get you? Success. “Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing,” says my dad, Tim. My Dad has influenced me in multiple ways. He shows me how to work hard and then you can enjoy yourself. He always does his... (more »)
Daniel's Legacy
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“That’s what made Daniel, Daniel.” as said by Robin Scoggins, Daniel Scoggins was always different than everyone else, but in a good way, to sum it up; he was Daniel, and there is no other way to say it, he’s the only person like him and... (more »)
A Home Run in Life
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A year younger than his friends, Matthew had to compete for a spot in his school and on his baseball team. He wanted to be the best at everything he did, whether that be baseball, four-square, or Backyard Baseball (a video game). Now an alumni of... (more »)
A Legacy Worth Reading About
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“None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, so I always live my life to the fullest.” Said Ellen Wilbur, my aunt. Ellen is a very strong independent woman who will NOT just watch her life go by. Ellen has battled breast cancer and was diagnosed... (more »)
Coach Huff: Teaching More Than Basketball
Coach Mike Huff doesn’t just build basketball programs and basketball teams. Coach Huff teaches life lessons to build good people. In my personal life, Coach Huff has not just been a great coach to me but he’s been a helpful, caring, and... (more »)
A Legacy To Be Remembered
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“I don’t want to be world famous but I do want to be important to those I love,” said Carol. Carol is my Nanna. She is one of the most selfless and family oriented people I know. Along with those things she is also very generous. She goes... (more »)
My Nonnie's Legacy
By , durham, NC
My Nonnie (Italian for Grandma) was a very special person. She was kind, caring and would go out of her way to be nice. This really fit into her career of nursing. On the holidays she would bake cookies and give them and other helpful things to... (more »)
To be a little sister
My brother and I are six years apart, in the store I would sit and he’d push me in the cart. He went to my school when he was my age. He was in band and so am I, wow, Im so amazed. I remember the first time I put on his shoes. He said “your... (more »)
The Insight to My Inspiration
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Lehman, my great grandad one of the hardest workers I ever met. He was loved by his family and friends. I am sure that everybody would agree with me when I say that he is not only a fighter he is a survivor. Throughout these interviews I learned... (more »)
The Hard Times
By , palmer, AK
Warning, the following story is a true story that may not be appropriate for some audiences and has religious beliefs. Viewer discretion is advised. I was at school, going to gym and when I got there the bullies were waiting they called me... (more »)
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Family Means Everything
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How does someone make an impact, that will last for generations to come, and possibly not even realize that they are making such a huge difference in the future of their family? Also, after they have passed, you wonder did that person have any... (more »)
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