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How Did My Father Earn The Title Hero?
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As the empty beer bottles piled upon the wooden floor of the house I used to call home, my father dozed off slouched in the corner of the bathroom with needles aside him. When the sun rose up the next morning he began to open eyes only to feel... (more »)
My Heroes
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Imagine this, no comic books, no movies, no cartoons, no superheroes. Who would be the role models of young boys and girls? Who would all of the children look up to? Nobody would know what to do without superheroes. Growing up with two older... (more »)
Marie Curie, a strong female figure
By , Ankara, Turkey
Since the day I decided to present Marie Curie as a key figure of World War I for a school project in the third grade, she has been one of my heroes... Marie Curie, born Marya Sklowdowska in 1867 grew up in Warsaw, Poland as the youngest... (more »)
Supersizing The Tips To Fast Food Workers
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Two people named Kong and Jesse were two socially introverted people at first, but then they dedicated themselves to be better people. Kong was from an Asian Family who supports being anti-social but it hurt the most in high school for him... (more »)
prom night with a rwist
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Have you ever witnessed or showed someone a random act of kindness?  Well that’s exactly happened at  Miller High when two boys Adam and Tyrell were nominated for prom king.  Tyrell Clay is the quarterback for Miller and the most popular... (more »)
Man Builds House without any Vision
By , Keller, TX
Take a stroll through your neighborhood and see if you can spot any construction. There are many people who build homes in lots of different neighborhoods, but think for a moment if you did that without any blueprints. If you think that’s... (more »)
The Gates Solution
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You might think of BIll Gates as a hard working founder of Microsoft or a technological genius, but one thing you might not know about him is that he is one of the world’s richest men who left Microsoft to donate billions of dollars and help... (more »)
Ben Parkinson's Amazing Comeback
By , Keller, TX
“BOOM”. That’s probably the only thing that Ben Parkinson heard before he blacked out. His Land Rover was hit by a landmine in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in 2006. He was in a coma for 4 months. He broke his back in... (more »)
Little boy opens lemonade stand to help save...
By , keller, TX
Seven-year-old boy, Luke Engelman, opened a lemonade stand to help save his mom from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the immune system throughout the body. His mom was diagnosed only four... (more »)
Teen compensates for father's crime
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On what we thought was a usual calm weekend in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, led great loss. During a fresh, breezy weekend, grieving elderly woman Tona Herndon was visiting her husband, who recently passed away.  “I didn’t really... (more »)
One Word to Describe our Star Spangled Banner
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While passing the firehouse, we glimpsed at the American flag whistling in the wind. My mom saw 13 stripes and 50 stars, but I saw a story that will never find an ending. From the birthplace of America in 1776 to this day, I see history written... (more »)
Our Flag
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Purity and innocence, hardiness and valour, vigilance and perseverance--we are the people of the United States and that is what our flag stands for. Some people look at the United States flag and see nothing but a cloth. But when I see the... (more »)
Stars and Stripes
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“My buddies and I were standing around when out of nowhere a rocket shot into our camp. I felt a piercing pain in my arm--a large piece of shrapnel was stuck in my elbow. I looked up and saw one of my good friends lying on the ground,... (more »)
Definition: Hero
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As Bob Riley once said, “Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed.” Heroism is not a trait, but a quality that is exposed during the hardest of times. When someone is brave, can... (more »)
The Flag Means...
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Another dreadful day of school--homework, teachers, and bullies. Ben looks to the impressive American flag, finding his only escape.  He comes home to a loud, ferocious mother, to find out he will not have the stars and stripes sewn on his... (more »)
American Flag
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Seeing our flag in the wind mesmerizes me. Watching the stripes in sync, with the stars flowing right behind. I see our flag everywhere. School, Government Buildings and Professional Sporting Events, you’re never without the American Flag.... (more »)
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