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My Extraordinary Mom
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"You deserve to have gold pouring over you from the whole world." This is how I feel about my mom right now because she has makes such a huge difference in my life.  My mom is so amazing because she works really hard to help hold... (more »)
Dear Ed Wood, the 'Worst Director of All...
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Ed Wood. Hollywood will never admit it, but you were the best of us filmmakers. Despite the notoriety you received as the ‘worst filmmaker’ who ever lived, you were just happy to make entertainment! If your movies were truly despicable, then... (more »)
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“Junk fish!” I look on in horror as the small fish attached to my pole is thrown on the ground and squished by my grandfather’s foot. Just six years old, I am on my first fishing trip, and my first catch is oozing,... (more »)
Why Grandmas Are the Greatest Heroes
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Have you ever heard people talking about how Grandmas are the best? Well I dont and I really would like to hear it more because granmas are the best. My granda has spoken the truth to me , sees to my needs and wants, and takes care of my... (more »)
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The Unsung Hero
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One unsung hero in my life is my “Elijah”, Blake Newson. He came up to me one day and say “Hey, I wondered if I could be your Elijah and you could be my Elisha.” For those of you that don’t know, Elijah is a... (more »)
Doing It For Him
 As the streak goes on of not being able to have a winning season, there has been one person in my life that has always kept me going. He’s tall, dark brown hair, and has dark brown eyes. I’m proud to call this person my... (more »)
My Life Preserver
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“Live each day like it is your last” is a saying that my dad tells me to always remember. I always try to remember this quote whenever I am making decisions either at home or at school, because it is undeniably true. You can choose... (more »)
David Beats Goliath
Life can change at any given time. This man is the strongest, and most motivated human being I have ever met. He turned his life around. This man is my father, Kevin Murphy. My father will motivate you, and do whatever he needs to do to help... (more »)
Strong as a Rock
“Hola pa, como te fue?” , I would say,  “Bien mija” , he would respond, “Cansado?, “Un poco mija”  this is our usual conversation. Acting like he isn’t tired, yet I can see it right in... (more »)
The Blessing of a Great Wisdom
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When I was a kid I did not live with mom, my mom was living in U.S.A, I lived with my grandma in Nicaragua where I was born, she was taking care of me no matter what; She was blind in one eye because she had a visual disease called cataract,... (more »)
My Role Model
“Thanks for being so genuine and sweet and good to me! I hope to see you the next time we’re in Chicago!!” July 16th, 2014. A day I will never forget. I read this comment on Instagram over and over again as I was laying in my... (more »)
Queen of Life
As I get into the car each day as I go home from school, my mom greets me with a smile and says “ Como te fue hora? “  She makes sure that my day went well by asking me a bunch of questions of what I did. There is never a day... (more »)
Top of the Summit
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Every day I come home from school, he watches me come off the bus. Every day, he’s there, sitting on his rocking chair with his feet up, drinking a diet pepsi. He would be wearing his glasses, lenses clean so he can see clearly. He... (more »)
Of Gods and Kings: Leonidas
When it comes to great leaders, one may not think of kings. Those who rule over others are sometimes not counted as one who leads, but dictates. This is true in many cases. However, one must also ask oneself, “Is one who bears the burden... (more »)
The Legend
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From as long as remember I always sat on my papa’s shoulders yelling at him to smell my feet, and he would say back to me this made up story of how my nana would beat him, Because he forgot to make coffee. As a little kid I would get down... (more »)
Family Hero
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Families are like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Ever since I was little I’ve really only had a few people to look up to, one of them being my uncle. I look up to him because of the many... (more »)
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