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Features of a Hero
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What are the features that our Hero should Posses? Hero is an ideal sculptor, who inspires others and act as a beacon light to guide the people along the right path in life. I feel that our country does not need a hero but ‘Heroes’ to lead... (more »)
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Two hours, the length of a movie; just imagine being in a war zone without even knowing. Carl Carson former US Navy sailor was serving on the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack. Unlike Carl Carson, Steve White author of “Pearl... (more »)
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American Dream
By , Sylmar, CA
      I always thought peoples idea of an American dream were vague and all the same. A wide variety of people  wanted fame or fortune with a luxurious house with a white picket fence and a clean, green lawn . Numerous... (more »)
Different Dreams
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         Although my mom didn’t have a lot of money within her family and as a seven year old, she did have wishes and dreams. She wanted to have enough money considering her mom sometimes barely had plenty to buy the necessities they... (more »)
Because Of Them...
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“I wouldn't be where I am today without them” Kiana said.   “Im thankful to have them as my parents, because they are teaching me new things to   succeed in life”says Jasmine  ... (more »)
Mi Apá
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  When you go to a new country for vacation, it is hard to cope with the new culture, especially if you don’t know stuff about that culture. Now imagine trying to live in that country you know zero stuff about, struggling day... (more »)
My Dance Teacher
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So, Teen Ink said that you can write about which teacher has inspired you and helped me. I'm going to tell you or write, about one of and what my dance teachers and director has helped me and inspired me.  There are so many... (more »)
My mom, My hero
                   “Dont do the mistake I did, enjoy your life you're just beginning”   I was sitting at the table when... (more »)
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Hero Essay
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“Did you just say? You have the right to become an attorney?” “You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to be”. This simple line might confuse some people but between my sister and I it’s a inside joke that kept us... (more »)
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My Supportive Hero
“Count to 10 and breathe in and out.” or “Just listen to music and ignore everyone else.” Are the kinds of words my cousin Sammy tells me when I start to feel dizzy or anxious around people . I usually start to feel like that when I feel... (more »)
My inspiration, my guide and my father.
He comes at me and says “ Quieres ir a jugar ” (1), when I said no he said “ Entonces ponte a estudiar, por que tu tienes todas las facilidades de estudiar ” (2)or “ No desperdicies el tiempo, porque el tiempo es para estudiar y... (more »)
Lifelong Hero This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
She is the one who holds the door for other, pulls the car around to the front door in the pouring rain, and the one who picks up items for another person that has dropped them. She is my mom. She is an average sized person with silky brown... (more »)
My Super Hero
“Are you guys sisters?” “Nope shes my mom” That is common saying whenever my mom and I go out in public together. My mother, Margarita Arriaga, is 33 years old, around 5’5 ft tall with nice luscious dark brown wavy hair that falls... (more »)
Mom, My Hero
  “How was your day mom?’ I ask in curiousity. “My day was peachy, just peachy,” she responds. This is one of my moms famous quotes after work and basically after most events that happen. Although stuff don’t always go... (more »)
My Hero
By , Mundelein, IL
¨Wow, Jose what a beautiful family!¨ Many of his clients tell him when they meet my family and I. Monday through Friday he works his butt off to give my family and I what is necessary. Just by looking into those tired bags underneath his... (more »)
A Friend From Afar
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13 hours, 826 miles, but only a click away. The blond hair, hazel eyed boy, has been there for me, even when I’ve wanted to be alone… he’s still there. He makes sure I’m okay and is there to tell me I’m beautiful, when I’m at my... (more »)
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