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The Man Who Cannot Do All

May 3, 2018
By Anonymous

 My father is a man who I look up to. Many of my life skills, lessons, and morales i learned from him. He has thought me more than i can say anyone else has. He, to me, is a great man. however he is not perfect. 

 He came from a poor country and came to America for a new life and beginning. Here he found his wife and they had 3 children together. Since kid are not cheap he took up different jobs and has started working to make sure he can put food on the table.

 Later down the years I start growing up. I soon learn his many flaws and how he is starting to grow old. His first and biggest flaw, that anyone can notice, is his inability to speak english. Another is his damaged leg. He walks around every day with a leg that pains him. This makes unable to o many things in his life.

Although he may have his flaws he is still my father, and I still love him.  He is and will forever be my hero.

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