No Real Heroes

March 1, 2018
By Reaganman BRONZE, San Diego, California
Reaganman BRONZE, San Diego, California
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A hero is a person that embodies all the qualities we strive to see in ourselves.  They can be passionate, loving, hardworking, talented, or maybe just attractive and charismatic.  There are no specific qualifications for a hero, no specific checklist of what makes a hero and what does not.  Heroes are personal projections of the things that we view as good and virtuous.  However the concept and image we have of our heroes is much more important than the actual heroes themselves.  In the society in which we live there is an ever present push to better yourself.  This can be seen by the clothes we wear to the emphasis society puts on personal education and development.  At times, it seems we are questing for an ever distant sense of perfection.  This leads to the creation of heroes.  It is my assertion that there are no real heroes, simply images we create for ourselves of this unreachable perfection.  We convince ourselves that because our perceived heroes can reach perfection that so can we.  This logic in undeniable flawed.  No one is perfect and no one ever will be.  From the child meeting his idolized rockstar, only to find out they are in actuality, a struggling drug addict with only their own intentions in mind, to corrupt politicians perceived to have righteous intentions.  At the end of the day none of us are heroes.  We are but one thing. Human.  We all have our own personal flaws and no one is exempt.  However just because heroes, in all likelihood, do not exist, does not mean the idea of a hero is a bad thing.  Having heroes in our lives gives us something to strive for, and even if these so called heroes are not what we thought they were, they still serve as beacons of light and hope that one day, we too can become better versions of ourselves. 

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