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March 26, 2009
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As a celebrity you have people expecting you to be up to your title someone else put up for you. You have busy days and attend party by night. Some say a life as a celebrity is the only way to life and others; well that's a whole different story.

A-list celebrities get fame and money while some other celebrities struggling to become someone always get put down. My thoughts are that you shouldn't even become famous for getting a dui or drunk-driving. The real way to get famous is knowing how to make someone feel good or doing something that you love. The time we have in life should not be wasted by partying and going A-list parties, instead getting to know real people. The people who work hard and have blisters from the sun beating down or picking heavy things are the real.

People like Mark Twain and George Washington who changed the world should be the most remembered. Does fashion really matter compared to world economics? Yes, people will always have role models and watch movies but i don't want that to infer on what they think of voting or politics. You can admire someone's work, but don't follow them.

Celebrities will always be in our life and some are great. Little girls dream of being the next Hannah Montana star and may someday exceed to become of what they dreamed. Martin Luther king once said have a dream. He is a real model, A true American hero instead of being famous for having a fancy car.

Our life span is to small to be worshiping someone. Instead we should be working for our future generation. I am not saying everyone has to be so serious because without smiles this world would be doomed and what matters the most is that you are safe and healthy, not a celebrity.

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Elizabeth S. said...
May 5, 2010 at 8:03 pm
i like your idea...i think this could have been longer though.this topic could definetly have more detail
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