My Homeroom Hero

January 25, 2018
By Devinjake55 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
Devinjake55 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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I’m sure everyone has had favorite things to do. To me that's math and football and in these desired things i'm sure you've had a question pop in your head. like what if i had someone who was good at both those things? like a math teacher that knew how to coach football, crazy right. Not for me,because I have a great leader he is my math teacher and my amazing football coach Mr. Quinlan or TQ to his closer friends and teammates.

In football I have to have good work ethic. I have to think to myself and say, I have to get this don't I have to finish what I started. I can't just start a game and say ok i'm done in the 3rd quarter. no you have to finish the game. Like TQ and I we both know that we have to get our work done.TQ and I are also very passionate about football. we love how the game is played and what has to be put into it to become a good football team. when we are winning we are very excited and amped up. when we are losing we are still amped up and nervous. we both are very passionate about football. Both me and TQ know that football is tough that's why we frequently get breaks for water. we break out before moving on to the next unit ,but we both also know that I have to push through the tough some times too. I have to embrace the hard times. me and TQ love to embrace the tough times.But that's not the only thing that we enjoy that's tough we also love math

Math is very hard and tough I have to be able to find answers. it can be tough until I learn it, and TQ teaches math very well. math isn't as tough as it normally is. he make it very fun. Math is also a long process. it can take between a couple seconds to a couple minutes for every problem. I have to follow the step by step directions to be able to follow the process. if you don't follow the process then you will fail. that's why TQ and Mr.Lindow both say trust the process. Math can get very plain or very complex, but in math you will learn similar things. I will start to see how plain and repetitive math can get. Mr. Quinlan can get plain sometimes where he will repeat himself or just act like a normal person. being funny makes up for him being plain sometimes.

In football TQ can be really funny. he makes jokes and plays around with the players. he makes football practice more fun and enjoyable, because of the funny things he does. he could do something funny, or say something funny. sometimes they are not the greatest but he is normally still funny. In math he can get pretty funny. he will play a funny song, or do something funny to get you to remember things. he will make a comment that makes the classroom laugh. sometimes the comments are directed to certain classmates, but in the end its normally funny. Being funny can also be tough, because you don't know when to say it. What to say, or sometimes you don't want to hurt someone for making something funny. to me I think TQ is a natural born comedian. he makes funny comments and does funny things without hesitation. he is really good but to me I always thought of it as tough. It takes a lot to be good at all these things.

Football, math, and being funny is hard, but to Be good at being a football coach. He has to have good work ethics. to power through and finish i have to be passionate. I have to focus on the sport and always be on my toes. I have to realize and embrace that it is tough, and to be a good math teacher. He has to be able to teach your student that it can get tough, but once you learn then it gets easy. I have to trust the process if it’s short or even if it’s really long. trust and I will succeed. i have to realize that math can get plain. I need to have a little fun and be funny. TQ is good at being funny on the field with his jokes and actions, plus with being funny in the classroom. making learning fun and enjoyable even tho i think being funny is tough. Mr. Quinlan is a natural because I have a great leader. he is my math teacher and my amazing football coach Mr. Quinlan, or TQ to his closer friends and teammates. I have had the question pop into my head. what if I had someone thats was good at everything? I don't have one of those, but to me TQ is the closest thing to it.

So did I give you a headache yet?

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