Letter to Veteran

December 22, 2017
By nikwrestler SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
nikwrestler SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Dear Veteran,


I would like to start by saying thank you for your courage, commitment and bravery.  The sacrifices that you have made for our country is greatly appreciated and honorable.  I admire you and your service and my goal is to enter into the military to serve our Nation.


I am currently an 18-year-old high school senior in Hartland, Wisconsin.  I am physically fit and have the goal of enrolling into the Marines after graduating early.  Only a handful of people have the courage to step up and serve this beloved country.  You are one of them and a hero who is looked up too.  I am glad you came back alive to share your experiences.  By serving,  you have made a difference in making our country safer.  Your protection has allowed our families to be free including our future generations. I come from a military born family and we are honored to thank you for serving.  My uncles, five cousins, and both of my grandpas have served or in the service as I write this letter to you.

I want to join the Marines because I want to protect this beautiful country. Maybe you had the same reason to join. No matter what you will still be a hero to this country and will never be forgotten. I would enjoy hearing your story and hearing any advice you might have for a future Marine.  



Nick K.

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