Honoring Our Veterans

December 21, 2017
By onelove19 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
onelove19 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Dear Veteran,


The first bell declares the start of the school day. Then we stand and stare at the flag while the choir sings the National Anthem. They stand with confidence and professionalism. At a baseball game, one may glance at the jets flying overhead and snap a quick photo. Often times, I feel like we often don’t take the time to think about the meaning behind it. As I say the pledge and sing the National Anthem, I see the faces of men and women who sacrificed their lives to fight for our country. I am thankful for veterans like you who gave up their lives to enlist in the military.


My name is Caroline S. and I am a junior in high school. I am writing to you because I watched the Honor Flight video in my Creative Writing class and was inspired to thank our veterans. After graduation, I plan on going to a technical school to pursue my dream of becoming a Nursing Assistant.  The courage and bravery you must have had as a young teenager is marvelous.


I am grateful to live in a safe and free country. You fought to ensure all Americans have the right to choose our school, careers, friends, spouse, and to live the American dream. Because of you, I have the right to do whatever I please. Thank you for ensuring I live in a safe country. I wake up everyday feeling grateful for the life I was given. Without you, I wouldn’t be living in a free country because I wouldn’t get to experience happiness and independence.


Therefore, the true meaning of the National Anthem is to show our devotion and pride for our country. In addition, the meaning of those jets is to salute our strong soldiers, no matter if they are current, fallen, or veterans. At ball games, I stand to appreciate veterans like you who made sacrifices for us.

Despite the hardships you faced, you will always be a hero. Thank you for risking your lives to enlist in the military. We are grateful for people like you who fought for our country. Thank you for your service.




Caroline S.

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