A Letter to a Veteran

December 21, 2017
By KarimOmega GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
KarimOmega GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Hero,

Fighting for freedom and risking your life for everyone and suffering in cold and unbelievable condition is what you did for this country— the United States of America.  What you have done for this country that everybody is enjoying today and forever will never be forgotten and you will never regret the duty you did for this beloved country by risking your life—days upon days, weeks upon weeks, years upon years. I am forever grateful  for it! You shed tears but it was for something strong, you were wounded but for something to win. You were dying but for something you have done to make a nation strong with Freedom and happiness. I can tell but an inch of what really you undergone for good.


Welcome home! Your legacy will ever live on….You are a hero, king and the father of freedom—may it ever prevail. Building a nation was what you fought for and a nation is never quite good without what you fought for—freedom. You fought not only for the past but also for the present and in the future.


I am fifteen, a high school senior, an exchange student and I thought it fit to be grateful for freedom of this nation. I am hoping  to be a medic and hopefully in an army. You risked your life and fought and forgot everything just to protect everyone. I can’t imagine how hard it was in fighting for freedom. I am interested in hearing from you.


If it weren’t you, nowhere would have been called the Free, United, Peace States Of America!!  May your legacy live on. I am grateful today, tomorrow and forever!

Thank you for your service.                         

   Yours sincerely,

             Civilian,  Karim A.

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