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December 22, 2017
By Alexkicks8 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alexkicks8 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Veteran,

There are so many ways that I could say thank you in this letter I couldn't fit it all in a book. I have never really gotten the opportunity to thank write a letter to a veteran on the honor flight  for the extraordinary things he or she done for our country.  People like you make me proud of my country and make me proud to be a American.  
My name is Alex Norz and I am a senior at Arrowhead High School. I am a football player and a track runner and love the opportunity to do these things. The things and the possibilities I have are something that shouldn't be forgotten. But it is not only me that is affected by the sacrifice that you have made.  I can't emphasize to you how important your service is to me and millions of other americans.

Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made. Because of what you have done I have the ability to go out in our country and pursue my own version of the American Dream a dream that you helped fight for and make possible for me, a dream I can go and get a degree and play football at a university, a dream that I can get a business degree and get a great job and a dream where one day I can have family of my own.

America is better place with your service. Everyone that is a citizen of this great land has a debt to you and what you did to help others. There's so much sacrifice, determination and faith that you gave to this country I really don't know where to start to thank you. You helped defend the land of opportunity and helped keep the american dream alive for me and everyone that I know.    

I hope that the Honor Flight has been a good one for you so far. The whole experience getting to see the memorials at DC are amazing and seeing the statues and memorials that are in remembrance of you and the hardship that you faced. I hope that the Honor Flight experience has been one to remember and I hope that this small thank you can show you how much we truly appreciate what you did for us.

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