Thank You, Veteran

December 22, 2017
By tennisgirl4 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
tennisgirl4 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Vietnam Veteran,

First, I just wanted to start by saying welcome home. I know when you came home from Vietnam, you were in no way treated with respect or care. I can’t even imagine coming home and having not only strangers angry to see me, but my own family as well.

I am a senior in high school. With college right around the corner, I can’t even begin to imagine leaving my family at eighteen to go and fight in a war that so many people were against. Even though you may not have been for the war, I understand that you had a duty to fulfill and I am forever grateful for you and your servicemen and women’s bravery, sacrifice, and commitment.

When I was in eighth grade, I visited Washington D.C. with my school and visiting the Vietnam War memorial made my jaw drop. Seeing the names of the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives for our country and hearing how you were treated when you came home made my heart shatter. The memorial made me feel something more than just appreciation, and I can only imagine how it had made you feel.

I am thankful for you and all other veterans, but most importantly Vietnam veterans. I am especially thankful for you because I truly believe that you had the hardest and longest fight of them all. Not only were you deployed overseas at a young age, but coming home you had to face your loved ones who no longer would talk or communicate with you. I believe that is the hardest part of it all. I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for our country.

The feeling I get when I hear stories about you and your fellow servicemen and women coming home from Vietnam and how they were treated is indescribable. The way you were treated was inhumane and disrespectful. From this, I want to say, welcome home and thank you for the sacrifice you have given this country. I hope when you land and get off the plane, that you get the welcome home and thank you you have deserved for so many years.

I am truly thankful for you and your bravery, sacrifice, and commitment. I hope you have had one of the most memorable experiences of your life on the Honor Flight. Welcome home!


Thank you for your service.

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