Ashley's Friend on Earth

November 8, 2017
By kwelty BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
kwelty BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I have many people in my life I look up to, but Angela is the one person in my life that I can truly say has made a difference. I met Angela at the Student Leaders Retreat exactly a year ago. Ever since that day, she has completely changed my life. Angela is a senior at my school, and one of her best friends, Ashley Code,  passed away a month ago from yesterday. Angela is strong, loving, kind, humble, and spiritual. I could keep naming all of the amazing traits she has, but the list would go on forever. When I think of a hero, I think of someone who is a beautiful person, who is a compassionate, loving, selfless, strong, humble, loyal, spiritual, and kind person. Angela is my hero because she possesses all of these traits and more. The day Angela became my friend, I had no idea how much of an impact she would have on my life. Angela is a strong, humble, and spiritual person and I can not thank God enough for placing her into my life.

Believe it or not, Angela is the strongest person I know. Many times Angela has shown me how strong she can be. When Angela’s best friend passed, I always saw Angela putting a brave face on. I admire her so much for that because not many people can be strong through the toughest of times, especially at a time such as a loss of a best friend. Angela does not believe that she is strong, but I have seen countless times when she has been strong when no one else was. At Ashley’s funeral, Many people were crying, including me. But when I looked over to Angela, I saw that she had her head up, and she had been looking straight at Jesus’ cross. I can not begin to say what I was thinking that day, but on that day I realized that Angela is one of my heros because she has shown me her strength even when she does not notice it herself.

The second trait that Angela possesses as a hero is her humility. Angela never gives herself enough credit when it comes to her personality. Angela never boasts about her strength or her singing talent. Today, Angela had showed me a video of her and Ashley. Ashley was playing the piano, and Angela was singing. Angela has an incredible voice, and I wish she would have told me. Angela had never mentioned that she sings, and she had never mentioned that she was great. Today, Angela showed me her humility that I usually never see in anyone. Angela always tells me how she is not strong, but I am here to tell you that she is the strongest person I know. Previously, I explained her strength. Angela has never owned up to her incredible strength that she possesses, and I think that she shows humility through that. Angela is one of my heros because she has shown me that being humble can make a difference even when it occurs in something as small as her singing talent or her strength.

Ever since I met Angela, I knew she was going to change my life with her spirituality. Angela does not take her relationship with God lightly. She has a relationship with God that I wished I had. Today, Angela invited me to go see Ashley with her and, of course, I accepted her invitation and met her there. When I got to Ashley’s grave, Angela opened up to me about what she was feeling and how she was dealing with her best friend's death. No one had ever open up to me like that before, so It was a bit nervous. But at the end of our conversation, she said this: “I do not know where God is taking me, and I’m scared. I feel like I am struggling against waves that are pulling me down, but my savior can walk on water, so I know that whatever he has in store for me I can take it because he is always going to be there for me.” After she related her feelings to me, I was amazed with her relationship with God. Angela inspired me to look myself in the mirror and ask myself “is this who I want to be?” She made me realize that I had not been myself lately. But after she said those words to me, I understood that God has me in the palm of his hand. No matter how far I stray from him or from myself, he will always be there to guide me back into his loving arms. Today, Angela became my hero because she saved me from going down a wrong path. Angela’s spirituality inspired me to become a better version of myself and she will forever be my hero because of those words.

To me, a hero has many traits such as compassion, love, selflessness, strength, humility, loyalty, spirituality, and kindness, but Angela has shown me the most important ones, like strength, humility, and spirituality. Angela has shown me strength through the toughest of times. When Ashley passed, Angela was the one person who I had thought would be the most distraught out of everyone, but she was the strongest out of everyone. Angela also carries the trait of humility with her. Ever since I met her she has been humble about her actions and her talents, which I admire very much. The one trait I admire the most about Angela is her spirituality. Angela’s relationship with God has inspired me to strengthen my own relationship with God. Angela has shown me the way of christ and I will forever be thankful for that. I had written this paper on my mom at first, and she is still one of my biggest heroes in my life. But today, as I got into my car to leave the cemetery, I realized that I was not the same person that I was when I got there. Angela found a way to change my life in the matter of two hours, and every day I will thank God for putting Angela, my hero, into my life.

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