Steve Prefontaine (Hero)

October 30, 2017
By Jbreeze BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Jbreeze BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Steve Prefontaine is my hero. He is my biggest inspiration in running. He was one of the best and he never gave up at what he did. He passed away in a car collision after he got 4th place in the 1972 Olympics. He would have kept trying to get gold until he couldn't.

First of all, he was one of the best runners at the time. His time for the 5000 meter  in the Olympics was 13:28.25 minutes. His 2-mile American H.S. Record was 8:41.5. His 5,000 meter race for the American Record was 13:22.8. His Olympic Trials at Hayward Field 2-mile was 8:19.4. He always loves to run. He ran most his life. He is a inspiration for many people like me. He tried to play football and he was told he was to small and not strong enough. He would come home from practice everyday and just go out and run.

Basically, he was a very smart guy. His coach was the creator of Nike. Steve’s coach made shoes for Steve but they were only a one time use. The shoes his coach made helped Steve run faster. Steve got accepted into Ohio State because of his running and how smart he was.

All in all, Steve Prefontaine is my biggest inspiration in running. He was an outstanding runner with a great spirit to never give up. He always fascinated me since I heard about him and saw the movie about him. He will always be my inspiration. I will always think about him when I run.

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