October 27, 2017

Most people say you're lucky to have a dad as a chief, and then you start getting calls that say two story houses are on fire,your adrenalin starts to rush and you're a nervous wreck,because you know all the things that could happen to any fire fighter. The scariest moment of my life is when we got that call to go to that two story house, my dad got dressed and ready to go in we saw pieces of the house fallen. The fire was out it took a whole hour or two that’s what it felt like i saw the men start coming out of the house,so i decided to get some water for them one by one they came out slowly all but my dad, i asked my mom were he was and she”said he will come out”, she was right i saw him come out of the house and go sit with the other men i went to ask him if he wanted water and he said “yes” I turned around for a short second and heard a giant thump on the ground i turned around to see my dad passed out on the ground i called the troops to come help him and they hurry to him and they try to wake him up I started to get worry I ran to my mom as fast as I can she came fast and I got scared cause he didn’t want to wake up then I turn to my mom as I was hugging my mom I heard my dad voice, then I turn around I started to smile the paramedics came and help him up they put him in the ambulance rush him to the hospital before he passed out again, so me and my mom followed them to the hospital we got there they rush him inside, me and my mom waited in the waiting room we waited 1 hour before we can see him as that hour passed by the nurses came to tell us that we can go see him, we walk back there to go see him and I walk in and I said “hi daddy” I was so happy seeing him all better then firefighter came in from different departments tell him to get to feeling better and as people came and go he got to leave at 10pm at night, we walk to to the car and we got on the road to go home all of the sudden we got hungry so my mom went to McDonald’s and got us dinner and then we headed home and my dad walk to his room and went to sleep. Then the next day people start coming over, one time the doorbell rang and I open and the person said is ur dad here I said yes sir and who are u? He said I’m the chief of malakoff, I said come on in his room on the left, so he walk in that talk and talk, then the doorbell rang again and the person said is ur dad here I said yes sir, who are you? He said I’m the captain on Log cabin, I said come in I told him where my dad was, then my dad said I’m going to sleep so all the people left.

That afternoon me and my mom went to the store, my sister stayed home with dad. We got to Walmart and people were coming up to us asking about my dad. My mom told me to go get some stuff, so we can get it and get out so as I’m walking around to get some stuff this lady stop me and said thank you for your time! That put a big smile on my face. So I got everything that we needed and I went back to my mom and drop the stuff in the buggy. Then we checkout and start walking to the car and this man stop me and said thank you for your time!

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