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October 19, 2017
By Gabb.c2 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Gabb.c2 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Over the years many teachers, family, and friends have asked me,“Who is your hero Gabby?” and I would always shrug my shoulders and say I don't know. When I started to think about it I would always think of some irrelevant person just to say that I had a hero. However as I get older and think more about it I've come to a conclusion that my mom is my hero.


My mom was born in Bogota Colombia. She had three other siblings and lived in a very small house. She grew up going to an all girls school then went on to graduate as a lawyer in Colombia. Later on when she moved to the US with my dad, she attended law school for the second time at Nova University. Not only was she attending law school again but she was learning English and adapting to a new country. This is a huge challenge to take on and I admire my mom for handling it like a champ.

Ever since I was born my mom left her job to take care of my sister and I. That just goes to show how loving she was to quit the job she loved to take care of us. Besides her loving personality she is very patient, smart, and fearless. She listens to me and helps me with everything.

Even though my mom is strict I know she's looking out for me. Everyday I learn something new from her. She overcomes all obstacles and breaks down and walls in her way. She inspires me and I love her.

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