October 18, 2017
By AntOct BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
AntOct BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Do you know what hero means? My meaning of hero is someone that helped you out in some way and someone that changed your life in a way. I don’t think hero means what google says it means. Google says it means, “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” I believe that a hero is someone that changed you physically and mentally.

One of my heroes are my Brother. My Brother has been through so much in his life. My brother has never had to much problems with money. He has been introduced to the wrong crowd of kids when he was younger which influenced his decisions in his earlier life and affected him later in life to. My brother was introduced to graffiti, stealing, alcohol and drugs by these kids. The choices he has made while under the influence has had an effect on him. He ended up dropping out of High School and ended up in jail After he did his time, he got put on probation. Then the same kids kept constantly coming back into his life and kept getting him into trouble and getting him put in rehab multiple times and in and out of jail. He constantly has to feel like he just is restarted from where he started before he was in rehab or jail cause they kids keep coming in his life or the pleasure of him being drunk or high gets in his mind and makes him slip up. He is one of my heroes because it teaches me a lesson and that lesson is to stay away from drugs and to stay away from the wrong crowd of people.

My second hero is my Dad. My Dad is one of my heroes because he is one of the hardest working guys I know. He had so much go on in his life. Starting from his mom dying when he was only 19 to being in the hospital almost dying less than a month ago to working a full time job at 14. My dad is my hero because he shows me that you need to work hard if you want something and to never give up on your dreams. That dad had a similar life to my brother being involved around the wrong crowd and getting involved into drugs. He was in and out jail part of his life to. My dad is my hero because he shows me to stay strong no matter how life is.

17 years of my life I have spent with these people. The first 10 not knowing what they been through in life. The last 7 have been a journey. This journey will never end till i make their heroes me. They will always be my heroes even if I ever become rich. I will always remember where I started and how i started.

These people are my heroes because they affected my life. If I never had these people in my life I don't think i would be where i'm at today. That is why I take advantage of every second I can get with them because i never know when the last time I will see them will be. This is why I follow my dreams and live my life to the fullest because of them, my heroes.

The author's comments:

The way my life is going inspired me to write this piece.

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