My Personal Hero

October 18, 2017
By AWolf SILVER, Coconut Creek, Florida
AWolf SILVER, Coconut Creek, Florida
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My hero may not be the president of the United States, or the first man on the moon, but they do mean a lot to me. My hero may not be well known, but I know them the best. My dad is funny, a hockey enthusiast, and a traveler that the world may never hear about. He is my hero because he influences who I am and helps me out when I don’t understand.


My dad loves hockey, especially when the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing. He influenced my family’s love of hockey, and even takes us to see hockey games when the Penguins are playing near our home. He has seen the Stanley Cup Finals being played and has gone to Japan to watch a game. He may not have been born in Pittsburgh, but the Penguins is a team he will always root for.

My dad is a funny person, who loves to tell jokes to others and listen to them. He tells my brother and I riddles, which take us a long time to figure out. He will laugh at every joke or riddle you tell him, even if it wasn’t that good. He brought forward in my brother and I making puns in a serious conversation, even if it annoys my grandma. He makes us feel better when we are down, and makes us laugh when we are stressed.

Even if my dad didn’t cure a disease, or write a famous book, he is my hero. A hero may have different definitions, but to me, I think a hero is someone you admire, look up to, or want to be like. Everybody has their own opinions on who their hero is, but my opinion will never change until the day I die.

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