I Love Kanye Like Kanye Loves Kanye

October 18, 2017
By Jakethewriter BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Jakethewriter BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, was what made me do what I do today. I love Kanye, he influenced the rap game. “I miss the old Kanye” because he is my hero. He turned my life around from being in the bad area of town, to being at the top of the rap game this year. Kanye is my role model. Now when I lie on my bed, and think about the things that Kanye would say. I thought to myself, “Kanye loves Kanye.” Although Kanye is a good person, he has done some bad things though. But I learn from his mistakes.


Lately, Kanye doesn't even look like Kanye, “I hate the new Kanye”, “the bad mood Kanye” he looks people in the eye, listens to a joke, and doesn't even crack a smile, his shiny white teeth never come out. I'm happy that Kanye has kids and a wife to make him happy though, because that makes him happy. He did so much for me, without him even knowing. All of my success, would not have been anything without Kanye, so that is why I thank Kanye. Kanye is my hero because he is Independant, he created his own empire of wealth based on 1 pair of shores, that turned into millions of dollars. Kanye didn't just change the rap game, but he changed the shoe game also. He made the yeezy, and now everyone in the world wants them.


What I like most about Kanye, is that he is not showy, he doesn't show his wealth, he keeps it in his back pocket. He doesn't waste his money on unnecessary things, because he knows that he has a family to provide for. He works so hard to provide for his family. Whether he is in the studio or at his house, there is only one thing on his mind, “family.” One of the main reasons that Kanye is my hero, is because Kanye is original, he creates raps that change history, and creates sentences that make you think about life, and about appreciation.


Before when, “there wasn't any Kanye’s”, the music industry was weak, and only had a few good rappers like dre, Eminem, Nas, biggie, Tupac, and a few others. When Kanye’s first rap came out in 1996, that changed around the perspective of rap. People who were older hopped on the rap bandwagon, it wasn't just for young people. Furthermore, Kanye is my hero because, “when I look, look around”, he changed the rap industry, and affected my life in a positive way. He made me the rapper I am today.

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This is about my hero Kanye West.

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