The Life of Jobs

October 18, 2017
By Forestsneakerhead BRONZE, Coconut Creak , Florida
Forestsneakerhead BRONZE, Coconut Creak , Florida
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To start off, Steve Jobs has changed the world in so many different ways. Jobs was a great inspiration to our world. What he had invented changed the world forever. Jobs never gave up and strived for greatness. Jobs improved our lives everyday. In an situation where someone is in some sort of trouble they can pull out their phones and call for help.

Furthermore, Jobs hasĀ  changed the world in many different ways. For example, he has helped saved so many lives. With the click of a button you can instantly call for help. Also, you can solicals with your friends on social media apps. If you forgot a page of homework or need help with something you can just dial your friends number on the touch screen. Not only did Jobs help the world with the iPhone he came up with iPads, computers and iPods. Steve Jobs also created so many Jobs in the world. Apple has about 47,000 people working for them. As you can see, Jobs is an inspiration to our world.

To illustrate, Jobs has improved ourĀ  lives in so many different ways. You don't even need to leave your house anymore. You can just go online (amazon) and order clothes and even have someone pick up your food at someplace with the click of a button. Steve Jobs has helped the world out because now schools like mine are a apple certified school which means we are basically sponsored by apple. Because of this we just carry around out iPad and all of put books are online. This is very helpful. Also, now credit cards are online. If we ever forget our wallet we can just swipe up and your American Express card will be right there. Steve Jobs has helped our lives out in so many different ways.

In conclusion, Steve Jobs has helped out our world in so many different ways. Jobs has changed the world in so many different ways. All the great inventions that Jobs has come up with are so helpful for our everyday lives. In an emergency there is no need to freak out because you can just type a number into the phone if you are in any trouble. Even though, Steve Jobs has failed many times he has strived for greatness. Also, because of Jobs our world has changed in different ways.

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