My Mom Is My Hero

October 18, 2017
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My mom is my hero. My mom is truly one of a kind. She is the most loving, caring, kind, beautiful, brave, selfless person I have ever met. My mom had a major impact on my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my mom.

My mom is my hero because she always know the right thing to say. She lifts me up when I am sad. She will always have my back. My mom will always support me. My mom sees the best in everybody. My mom is my hero.

My taught me the importance of being kind to anybody and everybody. She taught me to be brave. My mom shows me how to be strong. My mom taught me to love yourself. She taught me to never judge people. My mom is my role model and I will always look up to her. My mom is my hero.

My mom is my hero. My mom taught me everything I know. My mom will forever be my role model. My mom is my best friend. I love my hero.

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