My Hero Is My Dad

October 19, 2017
By HorseloverDD BRONZE, Coral Springs , Florida
HorseloverDD BRONZE, Coral Springs , Florida
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My dad is my hero. I admire him because he showed me that I should never give up. All 3 years, me and my mom were waiting for him. It was really hard, but we were believing in the best. It happened when I was 10 years old, but I already understood what’s happening. I respect him because he wasn’t scared to support politician who our government didn’t like. I knew about everything two months later. Before that I was at the camp. Then, I was at the countryside with my friends. My mom told me when I came back home. When I came to our house, I felt how empty it was. There was too much free space. It was really hard to understand why they took most of our property and especially my dad. He didn’t do anything bad or illegal. Then, I understood what you should not be afraid to fight for the truth, for your idea and even if it can takes a lot of time - truth is going to win.

I didn’t see him all this period of time, only sometimes on TV. There was a lot of litigation and a lot of people who were supporting us. We also understood who are our real friends and who aren’t. I want to say thanks to my mom. Without looking on this situation, she still was an example of role model  for me. She did everything to save my dad. I love my dad, and he is my hero. Also he became a hero for our large town.

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