My Tennis Hero

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

People have always asked me who my hero is and I never knew, but now that I have took the time to think about it, I know now my hero is my sister Oliva, and a friend Alex. They are my heroes because they are very good at tennis, and I really strive to be as good as them. They show me good examples of how to be a good tennis player, how to focus on my game.
The reason Olivia and Alex are insanely amazing at tennis is because the are very avid tennis players and play all day everyday. Olivia playas tennis at Evert tennis academy, which I really want to play their. Also Alex plays tennis at Pro world which is for really good tennis players. This past year Alex played in the US jr. Open in NY and did very good in the tournament, which one day I hope to play in, but I know I will never happen. Also Alex has a scholarship to Stanford for tennis. Also Olivia had a tournament this weekend and won the whole thing, she was so happy. One day I wish to win a terming just like her. Olivia is so good at tennis, right now she is ranked number 2 in 16 and under in Maryland, and Alex is right now ranked number 2 in Florida, which is really good and I want to be ranked that high one day in tennis.
Overall you can see that Olivia and Alex are very avid tennis players. One day I really hope to strive to be amazing tennis players like them. And win temen just like them, be ranked very high like them, and play at an amazing tennis academy just like the one day.

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