Joe Small Is My Hero

October 13, 2017
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My hero  is Joe Small. He is a great person. He stands up for his rights even when other people didn’t want to. Joe Small is probably one of the best people in the world because he stood up for what is right in World War II. He loves his family as well.

Joe Small stood up for his rights when other people didn’t want to. In WWII he was one of the only people to stand up for equality in a segregated world. Even when everyone was yelling and threatening him he believed in what is right. He believed in having a non segregated country. He started the movement of all of the famous leaders to this day.

He loves his family and his friends. He was traumatized when the explosion occurred in Port Chicago. This left some of his friends dead and a lot of them injured badly. He wasn’t hurt horribly in the explosion but he was hurt a little. The explosion caused his part of the barracks to be destroyed but he wasn’t inside so he survived it. The entire part of Port Chicago was gone. There were building 5 miles away that were destroyed by the shock wave that ripped through. In conclusion he was really sad and hurt but he stood strong with his friends and family.

Overall Joe Small is my hero because he stood up for what is right and he loves his friends and family. Also he was a great person to be with or around because of his energy and positivity. All in all, I am glad that Joe Small is my hero.

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