Patriotism: The Right to Appreciate

October 4, 2017
By Baseball26 SILVER, PEWAUKEE, Wisconsin
Baseball26 SILVER, PEWAUKEE, Wisconsin
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Patriotism is appreciating everything our armed forces have given us. From our freedoms, to our daily opportunities to pursue happiness, and ultimately live the way we want to, veterans come from all walks of life and have different roles.

Appleton, WI, raised a Navy medic, John Bradley, who served our country proudly. The photo of men raising the flag at Iwo Jima is a picture of him and his fellow veterans. He was able to come back to his family in Appleton and raise a family of eight kids along. He ended up being a successful businessman. He suffered for us, and saw his friend get captured and tortured. This left him weary of speaking of the unthinkable terrors of war. He resided in Wisconsin and earned the Purple Heart and The Navy Cross. Our freedom is made up of men who risked their lives for our freedom, and our allegiance to the flag is our respect to them.

Milwaukee, WI, raised a famous war general from a family of decorated veterans. That man was General Arthur MacArthur, and he served proudly in the Philippines War and the Spanish War. He went on to instill his incredible values into his son, General Arthur MacArthur Jr., who was decorated as well. These two were the first son and father to both earn the Medal of Honor. Our freedom is made up of father and sons serving our country, and our allegiance to the flag is our respect to them.

American heroes come from any walk of life. Our love for this country is the love for those serving in the military. That is our duty of being an American, and that is what patriotism is. Never pass up an opportunity to show our patriotism and thank every veteran you have the honor of meeting.

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