October 3, 2017
By skigirl14 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
skigirl14 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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I can faintly hear the cold crippled cannon shoot in the distance at Gettysburg where it originally stood. The cannons lined up next to one another ready to spit shrapnel on fleeing enemies as the soldiers shout “Fire!” The old rusted wheels creak as they roll. The smell of smoke vaguely surrounds you. All who were lost are still with us.

It was a sunny summer day. As I walked to each monument crowds of tourists listened to their guides, took pictures and absorbed the new information they learned. We would not be able to admire fireworks on the fourth of July, have family cookouts and vote if it weren't for those who lost their lives to make ours better. The love, support and devotion they had for our country is awe-inspiring. People that volunteer to go to war know they can lose their lives.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a wall with millions of soldiers names engraved into the concrete stone. As I wander past this wall reading as many names I can, I recognize some names as being the same as my friend or family members. I realize the struggle of those who knew someone who passed. Their memory is strong.

I stroll into Ford’s Theater, the floor as ruby red as the blood of the president on the pillowcase where he died. In the house across the street, I can see the bed he peacefully met his end in, I shiver and shake, picturing him lay there for his last breaths. The Lincoln Memorial is in his honor for all his significant actions. He is still one of us.

To this day people still crowd around a monument listening to their guides, taking pictures and educating themselves on those who fought for our country. Today I am able to enjoy family gatherings, get an education and work where I chose to. Soldiers gave their lives so I can have the freedom to live my life as I chose.

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