The Meaning of the Flag

October 3, 2017
By kcharlesc SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
kcharlesc SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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On September 11th, 2001 a thirty two year old woman turns on the news to witness the horrors that unfolded on that day due to the terror attacks performed by Al Qaeda. Two weeks later, with a son and a daughter, she signed up to join the marines. My Aunt Jeanie put her own life on the line to defend those that she loved. The sight of the American flag waving through the dust and chaos at ground zero is what caused her to join, and she very proudly flies the flag in her yard in memory of those who died that day in 2001.

The American flag has become recognized worldwide as a symbol of power and freedom. The thirteen stripes and the fifty stars are representative of what makes up our great nation, but we fail to recognize that the flag means more than just that. The stars represent the heavens, the stripes are representative of the sun's rays, the red represents valor, and bravery, the white represents pure intentions, and the blue represents vigilance and justice. Yet the flag still has a greater meaning than just that. The flag has a tendency to fill us with patriotic feelings, as well as a powerful pride for our great nation.

The flag is a symbol of freedom, freedom which we fought to earn over many years, and many wars, each one has made us stronger as a nation, and brought us closer together. To me the flag represents the patriotism that we all have inside us. Seeing the flag fills me with pride for my country, and gives me a feeling of safety, knowing that people like my aunt are willing to put their lives on the line to protect mine. Patriotism is seeing that flag above millions of pounds of twisted steel, and thinking “we can come back from this, we will rebuild.” Patriotism is seeing the flag and understanding that we are blessed to have had people die to protect it. Patriotism is knowing that under our flag we are safe, secure, and blessed.

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