Could Making Quick Decisions Cost a Life?

September 26, 2017
By B-Ray BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
B-Ray BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Deep into the night of October 9th the sirens began to continuously scream in the way that Gordan Ramsey does with the contestants on his cooking show. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for the sirens to be going off this late or anything but my dad stated, “There was just something different. The way the fog was set and the strong winds were just a bit nerve rattling. “As the crew began to spring into action, in a way that only trained professionals would know how to do, a quiet voice of a lady began to play over the walkie-talkies.

Furthermore, the lady began by stating the address of the house that had called for 911. Along with the address the lady began to speak on what the call was about. She first stated that it was a house fire and the thing that is so unbelievable and unpredictable about these are that they can initiate from things as little as a curling iron and then grow into something that is seemingly uncontrollable. A bit of fear began to set in on the Captain, who was for the first time leading his crew into the fire at his new position. On arrival of the house the crew was set into disbelief because of the condition of it. Flames from every direction possible were pouring from the house like students exiting school on the last day before summer break.

As Bobby, the Captain, comes face to face with the house that holds a family hostage, he says “… and that’s when it dawned on me. It’s October 9th. “To most people it’s just another normal night and they are sound asleep but this day marks the 15th birthday of his oldest son. With now this realization in the back of his mind, a bit of fear sets in on him. Although the National rate of fire fighter deaths are around 70 a year, the job they do is still extremely dangerous. In hopes of seeing his son and the rest of his family in the morning. Bobby began to question himself on what to do.

Every day when a firefighter is at work they are called to answer emergencies. These brave and fearless people put their own life at risk to keep others safe. At this moment the crew members of station 3 stood together at the front door of the house waiting on the signal to proceed in from Bobby. With the decision to move forward, six courageous, strong, and smart individuals marched their way into the house with the determination to save the captive family. “My team and I checked from room to room. With everyone staying together, we felt that we would have the most success and the safest for everyone.”

From here on the team moved inch by inch in suits drenched in sweat because of the scorching hot temperatures from inside the house. Captain Thomas, as the crew called him, begins to move his team up the stairs as two faint screams are heard from down the hallway. With hopes of finding the family now shooting through the roof the team pressed forward. The team arrives were two doors lie trapped between flames. The thick flames served as a brick wall, separating a six year old from her parents. With oxygen levels quickly deteriorating the team had to work fast and efficiently.

In conclusion, the crew surpassed the flamed by barging into the rooms and saving the family. If Bobby had not made the decision to enter the house then lives would have been lost. With careful analysis of the situation, Bobby was able to make the best decision for himself and save the life of others.

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